Everyone is talking about this Northern Italy travel destination. But, really, what is Piedmont, Italy known for?!

Piedmont’s most obvious treasure is wine. More specifically, Barolo and Barbaresco. But, the Piedmont region offers far more than just world-famous wines.

It is a gastronomic haven for food and beverage, an automobile manufacturing powerhouse, and a pretty incredible cultural and historic center for Western Europe and Italy. 

what is piedmot italy known for

I’m not going to lie, I tried to do one piece that top-lines the question, ‘what is Piedmont, Italy known for?’ But, it was near impossible. 

You see, the history, traditions, and culture just have so much depth that it is better to break it down individually to show how this northern Italian region requires more than a two- or three-day visit. 

So, we’ll look at some of the best – even if not well-known – draws to the Piedmont region.

piedmont wine
Barolo and Barbaresco are the most famous wines of the Piedmont wine region. They are made of 100% nebbiolo grapes. Photo: ©Valerie Quintanilla.

What is Piedmont, Italy known for?

Let’s start with the wine.

Our overview of the Piedmont wine region includes info on production, the main winemaking areas, primary grapes, and a bit about some of the most fascinating indigenous and lesser-known varieties. 

Bonus: Get some pairing tips for Piedmont wines with links to everyday recipes that are easy to make at home (even if that home is not in Barolo). 

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A look at Piedmont’s other beverages. 

Piedmont is also the home of vermouth, aromatized wines. Get the background on the history and its place in Piedmont’s capital city of Turin

piedmont culture vermouth
The commercial distribution of vermouth originated in Turin, Italy. Photo: ©Valerie Quintanilla.

Also, let’s talk about Piedmont’s coffee culture. For a Turin day trip, you can start out with a look at the city’s historical coffee houses, filled with stories and long-standing coffee drinks. You can’t miss Bicerin.

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Piedmont Food: Cheese, Hazelnuts, Chocolate, and the Alba White Truffle

Piedmont food is a masterpiece. In the Alta Langa, you have cheese and hazelnuts. All over the region, find decadent chocolate and other hazelnut-based treats. And, of course, you can’t miss the fabled Alba white truffle, which makes its appearance from mid-to-late October through January / February.

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what is piedmont italy known for

Dive into our series that answers the question What is Piedmont, Italy known for?

Try some of the wines, pairings, and recipes included. And, plan your own adventure to this magical Northern Italy travel destination. 

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