Wine is complicated. The wine country lifestyle isn’t.

At Carpe Travel, we want to help more people enjoy the wine they love. Our resources, wine travel guides, and travel planning services will help you learn about wine and go on the wine vacation of a lifetime.

Whether you’re new to wine or know exactly what you already love, we can help with wine travel recommendations so you can experience your favorite bottles right where they are grown.

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Uncorking Wine Country: The Best Way to Learn About Wine

At Carpe Travel, we want to help you experience the best the wine travel lifestyle can offer. We focus on making visiting wine country easy. By providing informational and inspirational travel recommendations for exploring wine regions around the world, we’ll help you learn about—and taste!—some amazing wine.

Planning a wine vacation? Let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Not only do we share tips on where to sip, stay and things to do in wine country, but we help with wine education too.

If you’re new to wine, our Wine 101 resources are a great way to learn the basics and discover what kind of wine you like to drink. If you love to eat as well as drink wine, our food and wine pairings will help you plan the perfect meal and the perfect glass of wine to go with it.

“Every wine region has a story, and it’s much more than what’s in the bottle. Our wine travel guides share these stories, one sip at a time.”


If you’re planning a wine trip, we offer a variety of international wine country guides to help you plan your next grape escape. We also have more than 30 wine travel guides for wine regions in the United States.

Whether you want to visit wineries, take a journey on a wine trail, or simply tour a tasting room, we have all the best wine travel recommendations ready for you. From the US to France, Greece, Spain, and even South America, our wine country travel guides will give you an insider’s guide to some of the best wine tasting in the world.