With more than a century of winemaking in the U.S., the Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery has a story worth sipping in.

At Carpe Travel I focus a lot sharing information to help educate you guys on American wine regions. After all, we have 50 states that produce wine. Yes, all 50 make wine!! So I was super excited to sit down with Billy Galanko from Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery in California for a few reasons. First off, the San Antonio Winery was named one of Wine Enthusiast’s American Wineries of the Year. Granted it was in 2018, but since 2020 is kind of a lost year it’s really like it was just last year. Secondly, the San Antonio Winery is a family owned and operated company that’s been producing wine for MORE THAN A CENTURY. In the United States 100+ years of winemaking is a loooooong time! Finally, their award-winning wines are delicious…

With estate vineyards in Paso Robles, Monterey and Napa Valley…and tasting rooms in Paso Robles and Los Angeles, along with an Italian restaurant – in LA – Riboli family  has a lot going on. In the following video interview, Billy and I talk about all this and more, including the 2020 California vintage not being a lost year. Whew! I’ve been super worried about that…

Chatting with the Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery in California

Elaine Schoch

Elaine Schoch (pronounced the German way – Shock) is an award-winning travel writer, wine judge, certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 and founder/editor at Carpe Travel. She is married to The Husband and has two kids, who’s interest and knowledge in wine is quite extensive. Not to mention the stamps in their passports.

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