The Story of the Travelers Wine Suitcase…

Throwing a suitcase – filled with wine – down a rainbow of stairs in the art district of Istanbul and again at the Star Ferry Pier in Hong Kong isn’t something most people would do, at least not on purpose. But for three years Barry Wax did just that. Traveling around the world, testing and retesting his creation – the VingardeValise wine suitcase – to see if it could actually protect 12 bottles of wine from desert heat, bitter cold, rough luggage handlers, falling down stairs and even swimming in the ocean. Never once did a bottle break, but he did loose a wheel once.

wine suitcase

The VingardeValise wine suitcase intrigued me when I read about it in Wine Spectator and CNET…and even more after a friend told me they had purchased one. I travel with wine a lot and I’m always trying to find a better solution. (I’ve written a little about the VingardeValise in my Wine Travel Guide.)  There are other wine suitcases out there but they’re not necessarily designed for your typical traveler, aka, someone who simply wants to bring a few bottles of wine home from holiday without the worry of breakage and/or cost of having wine shipped. The VingardeValise wine suitcase was designed to be a suitcase AND a wine carrier. In other words, you can pack your belongings in the suitcase as well as your wine (or if you’re like me, you just pack your wine).

ultimate wine suitcase

I reached out to Barry earlier this summer to test the VingardeValise wine suitcase and learn more about how it came to be. I never would have thought it came from a friend’s challenge… According to Barry, “a friend who runs an upscale wine store in Indiana was commenting, complaining really that there was no easy, convenient, affordable and flexible case for carrying and transporting wine. So, he challenged me to create one, since he believed it was doable but no one had yet. Given my background in the wine business and manufacturing contacts. I accepted the challenge… Three years and five protoypes later we evolved the final version of the VingardeValise wine suitcase and began offering it this past May.”

VingardeValise wine suitcase

Take a look at this suitcase in action. My favorite scene is the rainbow of stairs in Istanbul…

Looking for other ideas on packing wine in a suitcase or shipping wine from overseas? Make sure to click over to my Wine Travel Guide.


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