I’ve visited several wine regions but there are still soooo many I want to try. Mendoza Argentina is one of my top five I still want to get to. My fellow travel writer and wine lover, Claudia Tavani has visited Mendoza on multiple occasions and has shared a few tips and things to know if you’re planning any wine tours in Mendoza.

Tips and things to know if you're planning any wine tours in Mendoza
Photo by Tanja Steenvorden

Having fun in Argentina: Mendoza Wine Tours

By Claudia Tavani

Not only are Argentinian wines constantly improving and attracting more critics, but wine tasting and wine tours in Mendoza are simply a good way to see and get to know the area, its history and a huge part of the local culture. To the point that I recommend doing wine tours in Mendoza to those who don’t even really appreciate wine.

Argentina is one of the biggest wine producers in the world, and Malbec, although originating from France, is increasingly celebrated among the best Argentinian varieties. The best Malbec in Argentina is produced in the high altitude regions Andean around Mendoza, such as Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley, at an elevation between 800 and 1500 meters above sea level.

Tips and things to know if you're planning any wine tours in Mendoza
Photo by Tanja Steenvorden

The best, as well as cheapest and – to me – most fun way to explore the wineries in Mendoza is to take the public bus from Mendoza city centre to the nearby Maipú and then renting bikes. (Tweet this!)

There are good bike lanes almost all around the area, so it is safe to bike around. There are many bike rentals, but Mr Hugo is perhaps the most popular one. For around 80 to 100 Argentinian pesos per day he will provide a bike, a map of the wineries, and lots of advice on the best itinerary to follow, including the best places to stop for a bite, the wineries where you will get a good discount for being referred to them, and other places where, together with your tasting, you will get a free bottle of wine.

Tips and things to know if you're planning any wine tours in Mendoza
Photo by Tanja Steenvorden

Wineries usually have an admission charge (between 40 and 60 Argentinian pesos), which includes a full guided tour (in English, Spanish and at times even French and Italian) of the wineries from the vineyard to the actual wine cellar, and a final tasting of 3 to 5 wines.

The full circuit of the wineries around Maipú is about 40 km. Unmissable stops include:

  • Bodega Di Tomasso, a historic vineyard whose owners came from Italy during the 1830s
  • Bodega La Rural, which has a museum that displays winemaking tools of the 19th century
  • Bodega Tempus Alba, which has a lovely, delicious restaurant on a terrace with a breathtaking view over the vineyards

Have you visited Mendoza? Done any wine tours in Mendoza? Would love to hear about your experience or any tips on Mendoza wine tours in the comments.

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About the Guest Blogger
Claudia Tavanis from Cagliari (Sardinia) and is obsessed with travelling, you can follow her adventures on My Adventures Across The World. A former human rights lawyer and academic, after devoting her life to the protection of cultural identity, in November 2013 Claudia decided to give in to her biggest passion and started travelling around Latin America, and she has hardly stopped since.

Blogging came as a natural consequence, for Claudia wanted to let her family and friends be updated with her adventures.  For more from Claudia see her BlogFacebook and Twitter.


  1. Getting a free bottle of wine with each tour might be motivation for me to go take one! The tour would be very interesting, but I just want to drink! Might as well drink well and learn a little bit in the process as well. Great post Claudia

  2. Hi Elaine Schoch, your experience tour of Mendoza Argentina is very charming. I have joined some bicycle tours in my country and I really love them.

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    Thanks for sharing these insights.

  4. I haven’t heard of a bike and wine tour before, but it sounds really wicked. This is something that could motivate me to go out and get some exercise done. Usually I am not big into doing physical activity for as long as that could be.

  5. This sounds like a perfect idea for the honeymoon with my fiance. Biking, wine and beautiful country lanes, what an amazing idea!

  6. Hi Claudia, nice share. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog post. I like wineries a lot, for wine testing there no better place than wineries. However, I don’t think you’ve got enough time to bike ride in Mendoza, but if you’ve have I would love to watch some bike riding photos from your tour.

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  9. The most fun way to explore the wineries in Mendoza is to take the public bus from Mendoza city centre to the nearby maipu and then renting bikes there. Nice post thanks for sharing your tour.

  10. Nice idea! Didn’t even know that they had a wine country down there. Definitely something to put on the bucket list.

  11. Aahh!!!

    Bike tour with a bottle of wine great combo.

    Have you ever visit France or go on Self Guided Bike Tours, if no then you should definitely go.

    We had visited many places in Europe and Spain, Really amazing landscape, You will get marvelous wine there.

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