Food and wine pairings aren’t new but what about pairing food and wine WITH art and music for a complete multi-sensory immersion experience? (Did I just blow your brain?!?!)

I’m super excited to team up with one of Carpe Travel’s contributing writers, Simone FM Spinner to bring you guys an opportunity to blow away your senses this September. Carpe Travel is hosting a fundraiser for Denver Kids at ATTIMO Winery in Denver featuring Simone and the Wine+Food+Art+Music Experience.

Just What is the Wine+Food+Art+Music Experience?

Simone, a certified sommelier and wine educator, creates immersive aesthetic experiences where she expertly pairs art and music with wine by analyzing the theoretical aesthetic elements of each genre and identifying intersections between the three mediums. She uses this research to select complementary groupings that enhance the sensory experience. (The food element is worked into this but plays a heavier role on the wine selected for the pairing.)

Her methods are founded in science and aesthetic theory: research that became her master’s project and thesis. She is continuing her academic research on this innovative way of perceiving for her doctorate. The experience makes for a fun, democratic, yet thoughtful way to approach wine, art, and music with a new appreciation and through a unique lens.

I’ve personally been involved with Denver Kids for years. The non-profit has been working with students to positively shape their lives, successfully complete high school and pursue post-secondary options for more than 75 years. They are making profound impacts with kids from sixth-12 grade! I’m so excited to be able to support their efforts even more through this event – 100% of the money raised will go to Denver Kids and the artists donating their works.

How the Experience Works

We will be hosting the Wine+Food+Art+Music Experience at ATTIMO, a Denver-based winery with vineyards in Piedmont, Italy on September 9. (Tickets are $125, space is limited.)

There will be four featured pieces of art created by internationally recognized artists with ties to Denver. Each of the four works of art will have its own sensory-immersion station, staged in the ATTIMO Winery, highlighting the pairings of the artwork, a specific wine, a musical score, and delicious food. The intersections in the art, wine, food, and music are designed to enhance the experience for each medium. 

There will be FOUR multi-sensory immersion experiences to be had with lots of hors d’ oeuvres and wine before and after.

Each piece of art will be auctioned off as one of the ways to raise funds for Denver Kids. A small portion of the sale will also go back to the artist. Most of the artists will be in attendance as well so you can meet the makers!

In addition to the four featured artists, students from Denver Kids have also submitted artwork to be auctioned.

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