Sip back and relax, these wine and alcohol delivery services have you covered.

Alcohol delivery just got real. Actually, it’s been a real thing well before You-Know-What took over all the news channels, crashed the market, closed our favorite bars and restaurants and forced us to all stay inside. But now, alcohol delivery is something we’re all going to need…like STAT! Here are some of the top rated wine and alcohol delivery services to keep you stocked up so you can sip back and relax.

I want to point out that I purposely did not not include any specific membership programs and/or clubs in this list since that is an entirely different ball game. This list includes alcohol delivery services that all you to pick exactly what booze – wine – you want delivered. Cheers to your health and the end of You-Know-What!!

alcohol delivery services

REMEMBER: When you use a alcohol delivery service, you will be required to show an ID and sign for it. Wash your hands before AND after!!! (Be gone Covid-19!!)

Winery Wine Clubs

Every winery in the United States with a tasting room has more than likely shut its services down BUT not its wine club or online orders. If you have a favorite winery, order directly with them online. Many are offering free shipping, special reserve wines for online orders. If you’re local, you should be able to arrange to pick your order up too.

Local Wine Shops

You might be surprised to find your local wine and liqueur shops are offering a free alcohol delivery service and/or one with a small fee. Given the current atmosphere, many have JUST begun to offer this service. It’s always good to shop local, especially right in today’s COVID-19 world, so call your neighborhood wine shop to see if they’re delivering.

Wine delivery services can really deliver!


Drizly is the one of the most poplar alcohol delivery services in the United States for beer, wine and liquor. Not only does it have a wide selection but its on-demand delivery is available in 100+ markets across the U.S. and Canada making it widely available. Oh, and your delivery is supposed to arrive within one hour.

Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery is an alcohol delivery service based in New York City, offering on-demand delivery in over 50 American cities and shipping to 40 states. Not sure what wines to order or just want to be a little adventurous, try its Vineyard Select option (shipping only) where you’ll received exclusive, premium wines from some of the best vineyards across the country.

While has a huge selection of wine that can be shipped to your home. It’s not same day delivery but with the wide selection and array of discounts and offers it one to explore.


The alcohol delivery service is rapidly expanding, but right now its delivery on-demand (30-minute deliveries! From 8am-2am) is only available in Chicago, Dallas, LA, NYC, Orange County, SF East Bay, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley, South Bay LA, Washington DC. If you’re in these areas Saucey has you covered with wine, beer and spirits.

Postmates & Instacart

With Postmates and Instacart you can have your groceries and alcohol delivered together. The alcohol delivery service isn’t available in all markets so  check the service spots before you spend time putting an order together.

Bonus for Spirit Lovers

I noted before that I purposely did not not include any membership programs and/or clubs in this list. However, if you’re a lover of spirits, you might just fall head over heels for Spirits Network, a new digital TV, mobile and online stoppable entertainment network. In other words, you can watch short videos along with some longer format documentaries to learn about your favorite spirit and stories behind the bottle WHILE sipping one of the spirits you receive in your monthly subscription shipment. It’s the perfect time to binge watch, which is why I had to include this one…