By Contributing Writer, Brittany Hawkins

Planning a trip down to one of South Africa’s finest cities for your holiday has got to be one of the most exciting of them all. Cape Town truly has so much to offer that it’s nigh on impossible to take it all in on one visit. Including wineries.

Whether you’re the adventurous type, family orientated, or looking for an authentic cultural experience, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy in Cape Town. For those who love the idea of a holiday centred around  the best in food and wine, looking forward to kicking back and relaxing with the best of both, here are just a sample of a few of the top Cape Town wineries to include on your Cape Town itinerary.

10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries

Eagles Nest Wine Estate

Eagles Nest Wine Estate can be considered as a family affair. This wine estate has activities both for children and adults. To fully enjoy your experience while at the farm, let your children visit the eagle conservation. If that’s not enough, enjoy your wine tasting under the trees and pick on platters while your children soak up enough fresh air to exhaust them!

Steenberg Wine Farm - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Steenberg Wine Farm


Steenberg is one among some of the oldest Cape Town wineries along the wine route. Offering visitors, a variety of wine tasting options, you can enjoy your wine tasting experience either at the tasting bar, on the outdoor terrace or in the tasting lounge. Whether you’re looking to do just a wine tasting or a food and wine tasting, there are a host of options available to satiate your senses.

Beau Constantia

Situated in the Constantia Wine Valley, Beau Constantia is home to some of the finest  South African wines, offering panoramic views of both the Stellenbosch and False Bay mountain ranges. With over 11 hectares of vines, they’re definitely harvesting superb grapes!

Their focus has been on producing world-class white and red wine. They’ve also produced a smooth rose and MCC. Maximize your wine tasting experience by heading over to the restaurant for a world-class meal, which will leave you hungry for more.

Beau Constantia - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Beau Constantia


Vergenoegd Wine Estate

Situated between the Hottentots-Holland mountain range and Table Mountain, Vergenoegd has focused on the production of more classic wines. This is due to the soil quality, allowing them to make a high-quality Merlot, Shiraz and Rose to name a few. Operating daily, be sure to experience the stunning wines and beauty of this wine estate.

Vergenoegd Wine Estate - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Vergenoegd Wine Estate, Image source:

Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate

Dating back as far as the 1700s, Morgenster Wine and Olive estate is home to one of the top 10 olive oils in the world. Here you can experience a wine tasting which pairs with olives, pates, pastes and oils, all of which are perfectly paired.

For those who have a sweet tooth, and enjoy sweet treats, why not tuck into some Belgian chocolate? Of course, these have been crafted by hand and the flavors pair beautifully with the wine you opt to taste from the wine tasting menu.

Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate


Fairview Wine Farm

Situated in the heart of Paarl, Fairview wine farm has got to be one of the more exciting wine farms to go to. With activities like yoga with the goats, you’re bound to have a unique experience. There is so much on offer here. From wine tasting in the tasting room, the goat tower, master tasting room, bakery and deli. You’ll be sure to get the best of all kinds of worlds.

Fairview Wine Farm - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Fairview Wine Farm

Klein Constantia

Another well-established Cape Town winery is, Klein Constantia. Although it is the smaller wine farm, it has produced award-winning wines. Thanks to the cool climate experienced at this wine farm, more white wines are produced than red. They currently offer the following wine tasting options:

  • Klein Constantia Classic Tasting
  • Klein Constantia Premium Tasting
  • Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc Terroir Tasting
  • Klein Constantia Winemaker’s Library Selection

All wine tastings that take place are put together in such a way it services a much wider target market. From soft rose wines, to the heavier red wines, there’s bound to be something which tickles and delights your taste buds.

La Motte Wine Estate

There are more than quite a few options available where it comes to wine tasting at La Motte, such as a standard wine tasting, vinoteque or even food and wine tasting. Some wines you’ll taste include the estate’s famous La Motte Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Millennium. If you get your timing right, you could also indulge in the premium collection which has a limited release.

La Motte Wine Estate - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
La Motte Wine Estate

Delheim Wine Farm

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it? At Delheim, a wonderful wine and cupcake pairing has been put together to satisfy all those with a sweet tooth. This eco-friendly establishment has gone the whole nine yards and more to ensure that they produce everything on the farm in as environmentally friendly manner as possible.

Bite into a honey bush cupcake while you sip on the Delheim Chardonnay Sur Lie. For the red wine lovers, the rooibos cupcake is paired up with the Delheim Pinotage.

Delheim Wine Farm - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Delheim Wine Farm

Boschendal Wine Estate

Boschendal Wine Estate has been producing wine for over three centuries now. Through this period, they’ve experienced several technological advancements in the way in which the production line runs, ever-evolving beautiful wines into unforgettable classics.

Thanks to this, they now produce some of the finest classic but fruity wines. Some wines they produce include Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz and Chardonnay to mention a few. To ensure visitors get the most out of the experience at this Cape Town winery, you should book a wine tasting with them, you’ll complete the tasting in the Manor House.

Boschendal Wine Estate - One of the Top 10 Must Sip Cape Town Wineries
Boschendal Wine Estate

Make the most of your time in Cape Town and try to visit at least a few of these wineries for varied experiences and taste sensations, after all, they rank among the top wineries along the Cape Town wine route! Let your taste buds go on their own adventure as you sip on some of the finest wines and indulge in gastronomic heaven, there definitely won’t be any disappointments here!

Have you visited any Cape Town wineries? What are your favorites?

About Brittany Hawkins: Brittany’s passion for food and wine began in her hometown, Napa Valley, California, where she grew up immersed in the wine industry. After receiving a degree from DePauw University, she began her career in Silicon Valley in the advertising and marketing industries. Brittany moved to Cape Town three years ago where she launched Explore Sideways and has since been able to marry her interests in food, wine, travel and tech to create transformative experiences around the world.