By, Maheshwaran Jothi, contributing writer

Ciao Amici.

Italy is famous not just for the 3 Ps – Pizza, Pasta & Pisa, or the 3 Fs – Ferrari, Football & Fashion. It is also famous for its wine. Be it Tuscany or Piemonte, you can never go wrong with Italian wines. That is an open secret. Can you guess what else is it most famous for?

You may be aware that Milan is famous for its fashion, but do you know that you can come face to face with the African elephant or surprise your kids with  selfies taken with the Australian Red Kangaroo?

I am neither joking nor talking about some wax museums in Milan. I am talking about the real animals roaming majestically – or should I say magically – around you. Can’t believe? 

You are not alone. Who would have imagined about such a possibility when in Milan, the Fashion city? Today, I am going to take you and your kids to watch and have fun with these animals and much more. Yes, welcome to the Le Cornelle Parco Faunistico.

Location: Faunistic Park Le CornelleVia Cornelle, 16, 24030 Valbrembo BG, Italy

The park extends around 126,000 sq.m, and can be reached by an hour of driving from Milan. With its ample parking area, you should have no problem in getting a slot.

The intention of the park is not to be operating as a regular Zoo, but it works as an enabler for the research and improvement of these animals including the endangered species. The park has more than 100 different animal species.

Hence, the entrance to this park comes at a nominal cost of 16 and 12 Euro for an adult or children under 12 years-old, I would say, this is a well worth it for the unlimited fun it offers to you and your family.

TIPS: Book your tickets online to save money.

For a small additional fees you can enjoy the park by taking the toy train along with your loved ones. Your kids will love it!

In less than 40 years of its start, the park has become very famous for the varieties of animals it has. Kids love the short fences around the animals that allow them to have as much fun as they could with such environment.

Upon entering the park, you will be welcomed by the long-tailed, beautifully colored Macaws. These Macaws have a life expectancy as we humans. Yes, they can live as long as 80+ years.

They are left in the open spaces, and attract your kids with those colors and sound.

The next area is for the Antelopes, Lamas, and Camels. Your kids will quickly learn the difference between the Lamas and Camels. Yes, unlike Camels, the Lamas do not have the humps on their back. Careful, they manifest their anger by spitting.

And the next interesting attraction would be the Turtles, Alligators, and Crocodiles. While the Mississippi Alligator is from North America, the Crocodile is from Africa. See if you can tell the difference when you’re there.

The park also has shops for coffee and light refreshments and boasts a small area used as kids playground. While your kids enjoy the amenities, you can sip your coffee while keeping an eye on your kid.

Once you are done with visiting the Flamingos, Pelican and Cranes, move to watch those funny moving Skipper, The Penguins. Do not get carried away with the funny maneuver of the Penguins for the real excitement is yet to begin.

The other side of the Park consists of wild animals like the Lion, Tiger, and Cheetah. Get a quick glance at the white Bengal tiger before moving to the Majestic African & Asian elephants.

While wondering how these elephants play with their trunk, look how funny the ones without. Shocked? I was just kidding.

While you start admiring the Lions and Tiger, I am sure you would be appreciating the vast amount of area that is allocated to these animals to roam around.

Far good sight than looking at these animals in a small closed encloser. They roam freely, and climb on those trees and bushes.

By now, I am also sure that you would have noticed how the park is well maintained and preserved for the wildlife in captivity. The park is carefully constructed to provide the shelter for animals so it is as close as to their home.

Get ready to witness the Zebras, Giraffes, and jumping Kangaroos. If you are lucky, you can have a look at those innocent looking babies peeping out from the bags (Stomach) of Kangaroos.

One of the most beautiful sight you will keep & Cherise in memory is the dancing peacocks. You have two major species of Peacock here, one the regular colorful one you always see, and the one which is like the December snow! The white peacock.

Spend a few minutes around this animal to make sure your kids witness the Peacock opening its feathers and dancing. Remember, the cameras can wait, make use of your wonderful eyes!

And by now, you are almost at the exit. Wow, what a way to exit the park? Isn’t it?

Do you agree that the dancing Peacock will be in your eyes for the next few days or weeks even after reaching your home?

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Maheshwaran Jothi, or shortly MJ, is a traveler, travel blogger, and author. MJ, an Indian living in Milan, loves the journey more than the destination and is always fond of getting lost in the lap of Mother Nature. You can find him on his blogTwitter and Instagram.