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Have you been to Munich? Have you explored the area around Bavaria’s largest city – picturesque views and historical sights, boasting some of the world’s most visually recognizable castles?  Laszlo Rozsas has shared this guest post with CarpeTravel noting four must see places that make for the perfect Munich day trip. I’d love to hear any other Munich day trip ideas or things to do in Munich you have in the comments. Enjoy!

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4 Beautiful Places for the Perfect Munich Day Trip!

Are you spending a few extra days in Munich during your holidays or are you simply looking for a trip outside of town? Like Munich, the areas around this beautiful historic city are filled with picturesque views and historical sights, boasting some of the world’s most visually recognizable castles.

If you’ve already tried the heart-stopping adventures that Munich has to offer and you’ve visited the regular tourist attractions, it’s time to explore the area around Bavaria’s largest city. It’s one of the best things to do in Munich and ee guarantee it will not disappoint! From those who enjoy sightseeing and want to take memorable photographs to those who just want to chill out while enjoying the view, Munich’s surroundings beckon you. Make sure you are prepared to make your journey unforgettable and put the following places around Munich on your things to do in Munich list:

1. The Royal Castle Neuschwanstein

The “New Swanstone Castle” (English translation) is located in southwest Bavaria and is one of the most recognizable and famous castles around the world, because of its unique architecture and lush surroundings. The castle is erected on top of a hill overlooking beautiful Bavarian nature and the village of Hohenschwangau.

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Does the structure of the Neuschwanstein Castle remind you of something? Of course it does! Disney modeled the Sleeping Beauty castle, the icon of the Disneyland theme parks, after this famous Bavarian historical attraction.

If you’d like to visit the famous fairy tale castle, there are day trips that will not only take you to Neuschwanstein Castle , but also to other amazing attractions like Linderhof, a 19th century royal palace, and the picturesque village of Oberammergau. The day trips happen on a daily basis and take about 10 hours. Prices start from $76.

2. The Five Lake Area

For those of you ready to immerse yourselves in the beautiful Bavarian landscape, make sure you visit the Five Lake Area. Located to the south of Munich, the two largest lakes —Ammersee and Stranberger See – are not just a place for sightseeing.

Ammersee has been noted by TripAdvisor users for its beautiful surrounding countryside, and both lakes are perfect for swimming and water sports. You can hop on a boat for a trip in the lakes or even see them through a bird’s eye view, by taking a hot-air balloon ride.

Added value? The Andesch Monastery, famous for the brew the monks are brewing since 1455 is just nearby. Furthermore, you can visit Possenhofen castle, which is where the famous Austrian Princess Sissi grew up. If you feel like all of the above isn’t enough and you would like to see more, keep in mind that the Alps are close to the Five Lake Area.

things to do in munich - five lakes area

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 3. The Town of Regensburg

Snuggled up to the water, Regensburg is located at the northern end of the Danube river. The town is one of Germany’s oldest medieval architectural treasures. Also known as Casta Regina (Regensburg‘s roman name means Fortress by the River Regen), the town is famous for its historic attractions.

things to do in munich - see Regensburg
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Generally spared from World War II bombings, the town has been marked by the past. Regensberg is famous for its many medieval structures including the 12th century stone bridge used by the Crusaders during the Roman Catholic Church military campaigns.

Within Regensburg’s old town you will also find the cathedral Dom St. Peter, which is a spectacular example of German Gothic architecture. If you are looking to get completely immersed in Germany’s historical and architectural past, Regensburg is just a train journey away from Munich.

4. The Royal Castle of Herrenchiemsee

Do you want to see how well Ludwig II managed to recreate Versailles in Germany? Schloss Herrenchiemsee (German) is a complex of buildings on an island situated within Bavaria’s largest lake, Chiemsee. The castle holds a Certificate of Excellence 2014 on TripAdvisor, in addition to having an impressively high score based on the 250+ visitor reviews.

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After King Ludwig II of Bavaria purchased the buildings of a former monastery on the island, he had his architects study Versailles in order to recreate the palace as perfectly as possible. The Royal Castle of Herrenchiemsee is one of the most fascinating buildings in Bavaria and definitely one with a captivating story. The grand design of the place will impress even those who are not that keen on history and architecture.

Which of these places would you like to visit? Share your picks in the comment section below. (What other suggestions do you have on things to do in Munich?)

About the author: Laszlo Rozsas is co-founder of HintQuest, Germany’s first Real Escape Game, an exciting adventure for those who want to challenge their brains. He is also a keen traveler and a food aficionado.


  1. I go to Munich several times a year for work and agree these are some great side trips. I finally did Regensburg earlier this year and loved it (despite the pouring rain). Andechs is amazing. The train-train-bus-walk via public transit is a bit much, but it’s a breeze in a rental car!

  2. Great post Laszlo. I was on a hunt for an article about traveling to Germany, and came across your post. I especially liked how you pointed out New Swanstone Castle. I never realized or found out! Thanks for that.

    Actually, I just put together an infographic about “10 Must Do’s in Black Forest”. Let me know if you’d like to check it out. If you have any ideas about Black Forest in particular, I’d like to know! -Leah

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