By Teresa Kao, guest blogger

After the stretch of beautiful weather we’ve been having, it was bound to happen eventually: rain. So on a rainy day in Salzburg things to do?

Salzburg Things to Do on a Rainy Day

My first stop was the train station. I hoped to gain a bit more understanding of how I was to recognize the second class section before the train took off without me, or as in the last time, the whistle blew signaling the train to go while I was half in, half out, with my suitcase stuck in the stairs. It’s the suitcase that complicates matters. And my difficulty with stairs. I discussed it all with a very nice lady who assured me that, unlike the Munich transfer stop, here there would be people to ask. We shall see. Getting on and off that train is, for me, a big challenge.

A sweater from Salzburg for Joey

I stopped for a coffee, then ventured back into the rain (felt just like home!) and headed to old town. It seemed like a good day to do some shopping. I walked along the river as before, and there were fewer bikes but it was still a beautiful walk. It being Saturday, Getreidegasse was crammed with tourists, half with cameras and other half posing in front of every conceivable thing. I can’t imagine what it must be like in the summer!

I bought my granddaughter Joey a sweater! A sweater from Salzburg! It’s a bit big but she will grow into it and imagine all the animals here.

When I passed the store with all those easter eggs, this time I went inside and browsed through. It’s actually called Christmas Salzburg and did have a few Christmas ornaments. The rest were all eggs painted and decorated in all sorts of ways with beads and gens, with ribbons and different color schemes. Upon looking closer I could see that they were not pressed sugar but something else.  I asked the proprietor. Eggs shells. They are all actual egg shells with the insides blown out, then painted and decorated. I can’t imagine what was done with all those egg innards, and I can’t imagine how she will ever sell that many egg decorations.

I decided to visit the Salzburg Museum. I had hoped for it to go up to the last couple hundred years but it focused more on ancient times. This city has quite a history going back to the 500’s. There were pieces that came from churches, paintings, all sorts of things. It took a lot of architects and powerful archbishops to get it all built. My feet were getting seriously tired so it was a somewhat cursory visit.

A wedding in Salzburg

Walking back along the river, I passed a church where a wedding had just been celebrated.  I don’t know if you can tell from this picture but most of them are dressed in traditional garb, the women in beautiful dirndls and the men in gray jackets with green around the collar and green hats with those brush things sticking up called gamsbarts. So this clothing is considered “sunday best”.

I went to a nearby restaurant for dinner and ordered the duck. I do love duck but I have never seen this much duck in a serving: two leg and thigh sections and this was a very meaty duck! I doubt if it ever did much flying!

I didn’t revisit any old haunts today. It feels good to be here though, in this city I once knew so well!

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