There is a lightness to the summer breeze as friends and family gather outdoors. There is a lovely fragrance of flowers and budding fruits in the air as the earth gives forth it’s bounty under the steady gaze of the smiling summer sun.  Whether indoors or out, the perfect summer Rose wine can add so much to this delightful season of outdoor merriment.

Rose wine does not have the bold appearance of the rich red wines, nor the airy crystalline nature of the whites. Their character is both floral and fruity, and can make excellent accompaniments to flavorful deserts or a light summer meal. This summer there are three Rose wines that are a must to try – and they can grace your table for less than $20.

rose wine

2010 Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue Rosé Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence

This wine has its heritage deep in southern French Vineyards, where you can find rare and mysterious varieties of wine that haven’t made it out into the world.  A few of their secrets are unleashed in this wine, reaching out to the world in its crisp flavors and refreshing finish.  This wine has the distinction of carrying two favorite summertime flavors in the burst of peach that intertwines nicely with the strawberry balance.  It is served perfectly with some summertime favorites, a nice grilled steak, or even an herb-encrusted lamb rack.  Welcome any time, at any table, this Rose wine comes with a comfortable price tag and a beautiful minimalist label.

NV Cordon Brut Rosado

This wine is often served alongside seafood of just about any variety, being particularly popular with shellfish.  Made of a blend of Cava grapes, so named for the region in which they grow, they bring forth the characters of that region in their fruity high notes and berry undertones, all carried along on a bed of dried apple.  The wine has a tangy, lively taste and is remarkable in its ability to turn a simple dinner of calamari and fish to a new height.  It’s no surprise that it breaks the traditional place of ‘white wine with fish’ this vintage just has that much ability to break expectations.

2010 Chivite Gran Feudo Navarra Rosado

There is no way to mistake this wine on the shelf, it’s color jumps out at you and demands attention.  The sheer zest the color will bring to the table is matched only by the bright ballet of flavors that will cross your tongue as you take part in this pleasure filled aperitif.  This particular blends background is rooted in the Spanish soil of the Navarra wine region.  The way its flavor dances across your tongue can only be likened to the Flamenco dancers of that region, bright and energetic with a flowing grace that leaves its notes on your tongues, but its impression on your heart.

There is little that the proper wine cannot improve, even the beautiful leisure filled days of summer.  Bringing the bright colors of a rose wine to any outdoor event.  So this summer, drink a wine as bright as the colors of the season, and leave an impression on your guests that won’t be forgotten.

What is your favorite summer wines? Your favorite Rose wine?

About the guest blogger: Nicole Nowlen is a full-time businesswoman and DIY enthusiast.?Living in old London town, but with a burning desire to go everywhere and see everything!? Check her out on her blog or Twitter @nicolenowlen87