Easy Way to Earn Travel Rewards When You’re Not Traveling

Did you know you can snag some extra travel rewards while you’re shopping online? I’m not talking about using a credit card to earn travel rewards, although that is a great way, too. I’m referring to shopping through sites like United Airlines, Delta or Southwest to purchase the items you are already planning to buy. Most major airlines have established relationships with partners – retailers – as a way to offer customers another way to earn travel rewards.

You can get all the online discounts being offered by a specific retailer and earn travel rewards by simply going through the online shopping channels most airlines have established with hundreds of popular retailers. A few of those retailers include REI, Target.com, iTunes.com, Victoria’s Secret, NFLShop.com, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel  Khols, Bass Pro Shop, Home Depot, Overstock and even Rosetta Stone Language Software (via Delta’s SkyMiles Shopping program), to name a few.

All the sites work similarly. On each one’s home page, there is an option to Earn More Points or to Shop. This will direct you to a few different options, one being to shop online with one of the airlines partner sites to earn more points for travel. Once you find the retailer you wish to make a purchase from – and you’re logged into your mileage account – you will be sent directly to that retailers site where you can take advantage of any online offers it is providing AND earn 1-2 miles per dollar spent (sometimes up to 4 points per dollar spent depending on the retailer).

travel rewards

On a side note, Delta’s SkyMiles program is laid out much nicer than United’s MileagePlus Shopping homepage (but Delta’s page is buried in the site so use the links in this post to get there). The key with United’s, so I found, is to just search for the retailer you wish to buy from. Don’t waste your time going through the categories or you’ll get frustrated and leave.

This is a pretty easy way to earn travel rewards if you’re already planning to be shopping online. If you have a credit card that gives you even more travel rewards, time to double up. Happy shopping!


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