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Piedmont Wine Tours: Harvest Lunch in Barbaresco
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Piedmont Wine Tours: Harvest Lunch in Barbaresco

By Valerie Quintanilla Tuesday morning started low key. I had no Piedmont wine tours planned so I thought I’d just hike it out a bit, write, read, and have a leisurely day in Neive. Returning from my morning walk I found Leslie getting ready to head to Ornella’s vineyard, Pasquale Pelissero, to help her prepare…

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The hills and wines of Piemonte

Today I start my Piemonte wine tours.I don’t think words can truly describe Piemonte (“Piedmont” to Westerners). Somehow breathtaking, beautiful, and awesome all seem quite hollow. The land showcases rolling hills, acres and acres of vineyards (150,000 acres to be exact) and gorgeous colors. I can truly say that my first one tour in the…