Will Travel for Wine with Carpe Travel

We’re the wine lovers guide to traveling for wine. From novices to pros, we share the information you need to make your next trip to wine country an experience. Wine country is everywhere, and we’re here to help you discover and sip your way through it. This podcast is dedicated to exploring more of wine regions and the people shaping them. Cheers!

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Episode 4: Planning a Wine Trip…to Piedmont, Italy
We’re heading to Italy, so we’re taking the podcast along. Today we talk to Valerie Quintanilla, with the wine tour company, Girls Gotta drink to discuss the do, don’ts and how’s of setting up an outstanding Piedmont wine trip.


Episode 3: Exploring Michigan Wine Country with Lee Lutes of Black Farm Wine
In the following podcast we’ll be exploring Michigan’s wine country, including a bit of its history, grape varietals and thing to do both among and beyond the vines.


Episode 2: Sipping through the history of Missouri Wine Country with Tony Kooyumjian, winemaker at Montelle Winery.
Did you know Missouri was the second largest wine producing state in the US, prior to Prohibition, and home to the first AVA? We’re sipping through the colorful history of the Missouri Wine Country with Tony Kooyumjian, winemaker at Montelle Winery.


Episode 1: Champagne or Sparkling Wine? The Loophole That Makes California Champagne Legal.
Did you know Korbel Winery is one of the few US winemakers that can legally use the term Champagne on its bottles? It’s all due to a 100-year-old loop hole in The Treaty of Versailles and a little thanks to Prohibition. In the first Carpe Travel podcast, we’ve asked Paul Ahvenainen, Director of Winemaking at Korbel Winery to uncork a bit more of this wine history.