Disney World Tips: The best sites to use to plan your Disney World vacation

disney world tipsPlanning a Disney vacation doesn’t have to be hard but there is so much information out there it can be overwhelming. During our trips to Disney I found several great online resources that I wanted to share to help you plan your Disney vacation. Please let us know what other resources you’ve found to be helpful in the comments.


Disney World Tips: The best sites to use to plan your Disney World vacation

Official Disney Sites
This site is made up of a panelist of moms who offer tips and discuss how to plan a Disney vacation. You can submit questions and the panel will provide answers. They are unpaid writers so they lay it all out there – the good, bad and ugly. The site is also tied into DisneyWorld.disney.go.com so you can easily access information regarding hotels, tickets, things to do and where to eat.

I really liked this site and found myself using it the most frequently in research/planning. I really liked the fact that you could search by location and find restaurants at/near by and make reservations right on the site. Very useful. It also provides customized maps of the park. This feature is awesome. The printing is painful though. You can’t print the map itself in a larger format. The map is painfully small, taking up less than half of the page while the list of attractions and entertainment is on the other page. I’d prefer two pages so I could really see the map or a small guide on the side of the page. My fix, I took a screen shot of the page in full screen mode and printed that image. Result, a nice BIG map for me to really see.

Unofficial Disney Sites
All things Disney is covered here on AllEars.net. Meaning the site isn’t limited to just Disney World, it also Disney Land and Disney Cruises. It was a very helpful site but I did find it rather dated, not the content, just the look and feel.  Getting past my “dated” issue, AllEars.net proved a great resource. It provided good updates on events, closings and activities around Disney World. (I was specially focused on Disney World so I didn’t venture into other areas on the site regarding Disney Land or cruises.) One of the features I enjoyed and found very helpful was the AllEarsVideo Channel on YouTube. It provides several short clips of parades, events and even rides throughout Disney World. I found the videos very helpful in determining what rides we could in fact take our daughter on. Thank goodness I watched the video on SnowWhite’s Scary Adventures. It would have been a disaster! I also wanted to note, AllEars.net provides Ratings and Reviews from readers on rides, restaurants, hotels, etc. It’s a good place to get a feel for what people are saying about things around Disney.

This is the home to The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, an awesome, if not best resource for Disney. I read the book – The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and Disneyland – and found it extremely useful in our planning process. The website offers more current information such as a crowd calendars, line apps to download to your smart phone and touring plans. The Disney World touring plans are pretty cool. They’re step-by-step guides for seeing as much as possible in Walt Disney World with a minimum of standing in line. These plans can be tailored based on the ages of people you’re with, parks, etc.TouringPlans.com provides background on each park within Disney World and Disney Land, attractions, events/showtimes, etc. Hotel and restaurant information is also available along with user ratings. However, the book provides more detailed tips from the writers as well as from other readers. For instance, I wouldn’t have thought to take a bike lock for my personal stroller. Who knew? They did. Regardless, TouringPlans.com is awesome and I REALLY recommend you buy the book, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. (I’m not getting paid to say/write that.)

There are several more websites out there with Disney World tips (not to mention, Disney Cruises and Disneyland) that can help you plan your Disney trip. If you’ve found others that are a MUST use, please share in the comments section.



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  • I was so surprised how at Disney Orlando EVERYTHING was on fast passes and you even had to pre-reserve times for eating in Epcot. A BIG change from the old days. This is good information…

  • It’s always great to have a plan when heading to Disney. And this is great information to help with this Elaine, especially with little ones.

    We took our little sprites to Harry Potter last year and thankfully through people like you with your super information found the best way to enjoy the visit.

  • Can I just tell you that I’m actually SCARED to go to Disney World because it sounds so insane? The fact that you have to plan something with an app and a book like some trip to a foreign country just plain disturbs me.

    • It can be overwhelming, if you let it. We found activities in the morning we best and then back to the pool for the afternoon – rest/relax. Try Disneyland before Disney World if you can. It’s smaller and more manageable if you’re nervous about it.

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