My Rant: Do you let kids have the right of way when traveling?

Traveling with kidsAs a parent who is regularly traveling with kids  under the age of four I do enjoy the perks of getting to preboard flights. However, the getting there and process of doing so are things I’d rather bypass. Traveling with kids in tow is never cake walk, even if they’re crashed out in the stroller. The reason is  called stuff.
All that STUFF you have to lug with you. Once seated on the plane parents unload all that stuff so they and the child can be set before take off with drinks, snacks, books and other “entertainment” as to avoid annoying other passengers.
So here’s my travel rant. If said mom (ok, me) accidentally sat in the window seat and middle seat instead of the middle and isle seat, would you as the person assigned to the window seat really make said mom move all that stuff and the crying child who wants to see the planes outside the window? (I really did sit there accidentally.) If so, you deserve sitting next to a cranky three-year-old. Yes, you deserve every minute of a four-hour flight.
Have you done this? Been the parent who had to move?
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