How do you pack for two kids and yourself in one carry-on? And should you take a stroller and a car seat? Traveling with kids can be hard. Ok, it can be exhausting and expensive but, it’s worth it…especially when you have a few travel hacks up your sleeve. Over the last six years I’ve learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of traveling with kids so I’ve put together a list of 25 travel hacks every parent should know – and use. (A lot of these travel hacks can be used when you’re not traveling with kids too.)

25 travel hacks every parents should know and use

25 Family Travel Hacks for Parents

1. Roll it Up

Rolling your clothing is a common packing travel hack but one that is worth repeating. Not only does it save space in your bag BUT it also decreases wrinkling. Better yet, it’s a great task kids can help with.

2. Bring Reusable Bags

Packing a few reusable bags makes getting items you purchase on your vacation home much easier. You can easily put your shoes and other clothing items inside and use these bags as a carry-ons. Reusable bags also make for great beach tots and places to pack/store dirty or wet clothing within your suitcase. (Bags like RuMe are easy, lightweight, stylish, and super durable – they can hold 50 pounds!)

packing hacks - reusable bags

3.  Buffet + Zip-locks = Easy Snacks

Staying at a hotel offering a breakfast buffet? Grab a few extra grapes, bananas, apples or muffins to put into a zip-lock for little ones to snack on later. Or, fill one of the bags up with dry cereal for a quick snack.

4. Lint Rollers Pick-up More than Lint

Pack and carry a lint roller with you if you’re traveling with kids. Not only will the lint roller help clean your clothing, but it picks up glitter, sprinkles, cheerios and all those wonderful things kids leave in their seats. (Great for flights and road trips!)

Travel Hack for Parents: pack a lint roller to clean up spills and clean clothing

5. Vacuum Seal Bags

Ever tried packing for three people in one carry-on for four days? Some would say it’s impossible, others enlist the help of a vacuum seal bag. When clothing is placed in these plastic bags, the air is removed and everything is essentially shrink wrapped to a flat pancake. You do have to have a vacuum to recreate this upon your return home; ask housekeeping at your hotel to borrow a vacuum. (More on using vacuum seal bags for packing travel hacks.)

6. Forget the Charger?

If you forget the wall plug-in for your phone charger, check the back of your hotel TV, most newer models have a USB port you can connect to for power.

7. Power for All

Pack a power strip to plug all the devices you and your kids are traveling with into for easy charging. This is great when you’re traveling internationally and you have a limited number of adapters.

Packing Hack: Bring a power strip to charge all your devices

8. Sharing Devices

Have one iPad but two kids who want to watch something on the airplane or on a road trip? Put your tablet or smartphone in a clear plastic bag and hook it to the back of the tray table on the plane. If you’re in the car, clip it to the back of the headrest or invest in an iPad headrest mount.

9. Electrical Outlets – Band-Aid Style

Forget bringing all the plastic covers for electrical outlets. Pack some Band-Aids and you’re covered. Literally.

Travel hacks for parents: cover outlets with bandaids

10. Prevent Falling Out of Bed

If your hotel or rental has pool noodles, grab a few to tuck inside the fitted bed sheet to prevent little ones from rolling out.

11. Waterproof your Phone

Heading to the beach or pool? Place your phone in a ziplock to keep it from getting wet – and sandy.

12. Help With Ear Popping

Adults typically chew gum to help with the shift in altitude when flying but not all kids are ready for gum. For babies, have them drink a bottle as you take off and descend. Toddlers and younger children who aren’t ready for gum can ease ear pains with chewy snacks – fruit chews, gummy bears, etc.

Gummy Bears and gummy treats can help kids with ear popping on planes

13. Death by Cord

Tangled up in cords? Ear buds and power cords can be the death of a well-packed bag. Wrap cords around packaged tea bags or a plastic cards. If you have desk clips, these are also great for clipping and keeping cords and ear buds organized.

14. ID bracelets, Travel Cards and Tattoos?

When traveling knowing your address isn’t always helpful for children. Being armed with a parents cell phone number, hotel information or other emergency contact information is essential if you become separated. Placing a travel card in a child’s a pocket can help with this. However, cards can be torn and lost by little ones who think they’re fun to eat and tear up. A medical ID bracelet or temporary tattoo can ensure the information isn’t lost. (More tips on teaching kids travel safety.)


15. Direct Flights are Worth It

When you’re traveling with kids, especially younger ones, paying extra for the direct flights can be worth it. Forget racing to catch a connection after waiting for your stroller to be unloaded, dealing with cancellations of connecting flights or worse and everything else that comes with it.

16. Earn Miles for Free Seats and Hotels

Sign up for a travel rewards credit card and you can earn 20,000 – 40,000 points just for signing up and making a purchase, be it gum or coffee. That alone could earn you one free airline ticket. (Some cards do have a minimum spend requirement to earn the enrollment points.) Every major airline has its own rewards credit card, as do many hotels. If you regularly travel on the same airline it makes sense to get their credit card; when you book flights with them and use their card you will typically receive double or triple points. Generic credit cards are great for those who want more options – earn miles using one card that can be used for airfare on multiple airlines, hotels, car rentals and other items. A few generic cards that rate well include the Capital One Venture card and American Express.

17. Don’t Bring Car Seats and Boosters

Planning on renting a car or taking taxicabs? The RideSafer is great, portable alternative to car seats and boosters. It’s a travel vest that buckles your child (age three and up) securely into a seat. It’s not just for cars though; it can be used for trains and airplanes as well. Click over for my full review of the RideSafer and quick video to on how easy it is to use.


18. Forget Taking All Your Baby Gear – Rent It.

There are baby gear rental agencies throughout the country that can line you up with cribs, pack-n-plays, strollers, and everything else you may need for your little one. Travels With Baby has an excellent round-up of companies around the world that can conduct baby gear rentals.

19. Save on Checked Baggage

Save on checked baggage by packing all the toiletries in one larger bag with shoes and heavy items. Check this bag and carry the other luggage on.

Travel Hacks for Parents: pack one bag with tolietries and check it. carry the rest on

20. Earn Miles Shopping Online

Most major airlines have established relationships with partners – retailers – as a way to offer customers another way to earn travel rewards when they’re not traveling. You can snag extra travel rewards while shopping online by going through the airlines Mileage Shopping Program (more on this). Search for the retailer, click through to their site from the airlines page and make your purchase as you normally would. (If you have a credit card that earns miles, make sure to use it for the purchase!)

21. Start Earning Miles Early

If your children are traveling by plane, sign them up for the airlines loyalty programs so they can begin earning points towards future flights.

22. I’m Thirsty

Bring a long a few EMPTY water bottles that can be filled once you go through airport security. Not only will this safe you money on drinks BUT kids who always request a drink AFTER the drink carts are put away on the plane can now be accommodated.

23. Hand Washing Made Easy

No stool in the bathroom for little ones to wash their hands? Try turning the sturdy trashcan over as a make-shift stool.

24. Road Trip Kid Organizer

Shoe organizers have more useful aspects than simply organizing your shoes. Attach on to the back of the driver and/or passenger seat for kids to use for toys, snacks, tissues, etc.

25. Don’t Sew, Clip It

Use a barrette to fix a tank top or bathing suite top that is too loose. Need to make a skirt tighter around the waist? Use a ponytail holder to “tie” the excess together and then tuck it into the top of the skirt.


Have any good travels hacks you’ve learned from traveling with kids?


Elaine Schoch

Elaine N. Schoch

Elaine Schoch (pronounced the German way – Shock) is the editor and founder of Carpe Travel as well as an award-winning travel writer, wine judge, certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 and certified American Wine Expert. She is married to The Husband and has two kids, Princess One and Two – who’s interest and knowledge in wine is quite extensive. Not to mention the stamps in their passports.


  1. Great article! Hope you don’t mind, I shared it on my travel FB page for clients reference.

  2. You have some really cool ones here that I will use.

  3. Great list! One thing that should be added – especially with kids involved is that if someone in your family has a pre-existing medical condition, then medical ID bracelets are a must. You won\’t be lugging around your entire medical history while you\’re on a trip, after all, so having it stored in an innocuous and nifty contraptions like this, could be the difference between life and death!

  4. For ear popping – suckers work really well, too.

  5. zip-lock bags are also good for filling with ice for a day out sighting or to carry home a left over sandwich or some such thing. Also if a child gets hurt.

  6. When my older 2 kids were little (4yo and 2yo) I used a sharpie to write names and phone numbers on the inside of my kids’ arms when we flew to see family. Phone number was my cell phone and my dad’s who was picking us up.
    The sharpie ink lasted about 3 days. And is an easy way to ID them if they get lost. The temp tattoo is a cute idea but can come off easily with a little baby oil.

    1. Thanks for stopping and sharing! I hadn’t thought about using a sharpie. I’d be hesitant to write their names on their arms though since that’s an easy way for a “stranger” to address them and quickly earn their trust.

      1. I didn’t put their names on their arms. I put my name and phone number and then my dad’s name and phone number. (we also did this for when we went to places like Disneyland – where in a crowd one turn and 5 steps can lose a kid.) Makes it doubly easy for authorities to correspond the written name on the arm with your ID.
        I didn’t think about putting my kids’ names on their arms since they already could say their names. And if they were lost then people looking for them would know their name anyways. 🙂

  7. Amazing article. I have 2 kids. You are sooo right that they are always thirsty. Next time I will bring with myself empty bottles. It will be easier. Traveling with kids is a tricky job. Thank you for sharing your advices. Greetings!

  8. I thought I had all the travel hacks down… but there are a few new ones on here. Perfect as we are getting ready to go on a trip next week. Thanks!

    1. I totally get it. Right when I think I know all the tricks, I learn a few more. 😉 Safe travels!

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    You have shown so much helpful tips for us. I will try it as soon as possible, that would be so convenient.
    Thank you so much for this incredible post!

  10. Dressing kids in same colours when going to large places so I only ever had to remember one colour top and one colour pants if they got lost.

  11. As a parent, my first priority is to keep my kids safe.I have to travels a lot around the world with my a baby. Thanks for sharing travel hack ideas. It’s really essential for every mom to manage traveled with the baby and to feel comfortable and easier while traveling with the baby.

  12. Order an electric cart to get you through the airport if you have a layover – especially a short one.

  13. You have very nicely explained in article. I am planning to have a trip with my parents to france in mid of april. And i will consider all Yours points when i will travel with my parents.

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