Top 8 Things to Do In Tokyo with Kids

By Peter Hanson, Contributing Writer

Japan is home to Tokyo, a great destinations for families. From beautiful parks and unique attractions, there is something for everyone in the family to do in the city. More particularly, the attractions for children are never-ending from the moment you step out of the plane right to the time you wave goodbye. Visiting Tokyo with the kids will provide you with some of the best opportunities to sample all the quirky and fascinating things to do that you might otherwise have avoided and ignored. Here are just a few to consider.

Tokyo Disneyland
The first stop when you begin your city tour should be at Tokyo Disneyland. Your children are going to have a great time on the rides, meeting Minnie and Mickey Mouse, as well as watching the Disney Parade.

However, you should keep in mind that Tokyo Disneyland is best suited for children aged 12 and below. That said, this is a great destination in terms of entertainment and value for money.

Tokyo Disneyland is one of the Top 8 Things to Do In Tokyo with Kids. Click over over more.
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Tokyo Disney Sea
Alternatively or additionally, you might want to consider checking into Tokyo Disney Sea. The nautical-themed resort features 3D movies, gondola rides, as well as fascinating roller coasters. What is more, it can also be great fun for parents too.

When you get to this family favorite, you will be transported to a park that is centered on water. More particularly, Disney Sea will impress you with the use of legends and sea myths at the seven ports of call.

Tokyo Disney Sea is one of the Top 8 Things to Do In Tokyo with Kids. Click over over more.
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Ueno Zoo
Ueno Zoo hosts a large selection of animals from around the globe. However, your children might be more interested in such Japanese natives as cranes, black bears, and macaques.

Ueno also has a beautiful pagoda and petting zoo for children. The two giant pandas – Bi Li and Xian Nu will be sure to make a mark on your kids’ minds.

Ghibli Museum
Another attraction you cannot afford to miss while in Tokyo is the Ghibli Museum. Wonderfully imaginative, it will help you educate your children, especially where the process of animation is concerned.

The young urns are certainly going to enjoy the big cat bus, the robot soldier on a garden roof, as well as the many short animations shown at the in-house theater. Don’t be surprised if they are reluctant when the time to leave comes.

 Ghibli Museum is one of the Top 8 Things to Do In Tokyo with Kids. Click over over more.
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Miraikan Museum
Otherwise referred to as the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Miraikan Museum has a lot to offer for children and adults alike. There is so much to see in this museum that you should reserve a couple of hours (3 to 4) to take everything in.

More particularly, the exhibits are targeted at all ages with some clearly intended for grownups. However, the kid-friendly fun opportunities that the museum has will go a long way in impressing your children.

If you have a full day to spare, head over to Odaiba and let the kids have fun with the interesting sites that this human-made island has to offer. Your family is sure to enjoy the Fuji TV building – especially from the observation deck which offers breathtaking views.

Alternatively, you can hit the arcades on the island and allow your children to give a go to the greatest and latest in electronic gaming. Other attractions include public beaches, a Marine Park, a giant Ferris Wheel, as well as a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Additional attractions include the Toyota Mega Web showroom where your family can go through cars that cannot be seen outside of Japan. There’s also a course where the children might be allowed to drive a Hybrid electric vehicle.

Tokyo Tower
Among the fun things to do in Tokyo with kids is the Tokyo Tower. Your children will be able to ride the escalators all the way up to the observation decks before taking in the excellent views. If you wish, there are 600 stairs that you might want to attempt.

 Tokyo Tower is one of the Top 8 Things to Do In Tokyo with Kids. Click over over more.
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Thermal Springs
Last but not least, Tokyo has tons of thermal springs (locally called onsen). One of the benefits that the city derives from being in a volcanically active country is the abundance of natural thermal springs.

In Japan, there are more than 3,000 onsens – with some of them housed in Tokyo. As your family will learn, Edo citizens traditionally had to trek over to such spa towns as Atami and Hakone to get a fix of some thermal spa treatment.

However, this has changed because Tokyo has made it easier for everyone to enjoy the pleasure. Tokyoites have drilled into the ground and tapped into their own artificial sources of thermal spa goodness.

During your visit to the city, therefore, you might want to check out the different onsen available for families and children. From the old school public baths that somewhat resemble the average sento to large complexes in a theme-park style, there is something for every family.

Thermal Springs is one of the Top 8 Things to Do In Tokyo with Kids. Click over over more.
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 So, there you have it – some of the best things to do in Tokyo with kids. All the suggestions above are approved by families that have visited the city with their children – you can be sure that your kids are going to have the time of their lives at these venues. Need ideas for places to visit in Japan in the winter?

Interestingly, Tokyo blends old Japanese traditions with anime and modern skyscrapers. As a result, this is one of the best and non-intimidating holiday destinations you can take if you have children.

With a polite and welcoming population, low rates of crime, and drinkable tap water, you can be sure that Tokyo is among the best choices for families visiting East Asia for the very first time.

Over and above everything else, there is so much to do, see, enjoy, and indulge in while you visit Tokyo that your children might not want to go back home. Use the suggestions above to make the trip worthwhile for your family and create memories that everyone will cherish fondly for years to come.


About Contributing Author: Peter Hanson is a motorcycle enthusiast and expert on motorcycle travel. He loves to travel and has covered a lot of countries over the past eight years. In each country, he takes the time to record his impressions. Visit his blog to read more articles about motorcycle travelling and helpful tips!


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