The Debate: Business Travel vs Traveling with Kids

By Elaine N. Schoch

ElaineSchoch__how to make traveling with kids easierThis last week The Husband and I took the kids to San Diego for a four-day weekend. It was the first trip we’ve had with both girls (at the same time), needless to say I was a bit worried about traveling with two kids vs. one.

I have become rather efficient and skilled at traveling with Princess One… The Husband on the other hand thought it wouldn’t be an issue and we could travel like we do for business. Really?

I tried to explain just how different business travel is than traveling with kids. Think about it, you have your own bag and just yourself to worry about. No snack bags, diapers, extra outfits in case of “accidents”, toys, blankets, etc. He wouldn’t budge; in his mind I was crazy and over-reacting. As a “road-warrior” he truly is an expert business traveler so I conceded to try it his way. Meaning, no checked bags were allowed. Toys were limited to two dolls, one for each; a few books; crayons and a few snacks. I drew the line when he didn’t want to take the stroller or the hiking backpack. The thought if chasing two little people through the airport, let alone losing them gave me anxiety. They had to be able to be contained. 

Since The Husband had his “rules” I implemented mine.

  1. He had to handle all the luggage (the whole two bags – for four people).
  2. He had to deal with the liquids going through security. (The kids meds always have to be checked by TSA.)
  3. If he got upgraded to first class, which he regularly does, he couldn’t leave me with two kids. (He’s smart and took that rule to heart. Oh, and he did get upgraded on both flights!)
  4. I would wear the hiking backpack with Princess Two on-board and manage the stroller Princess One cruised in.
  5. He was not allowed to put ANYTHING in the hiking backpack; it was reserved my things and for the Princesses airplane entertainment.(He always seems to need to use my space for his shoes. Like I have room in my bag for three people for his shoes…)

As much as I hate to admit it, it worked and very well. We started the trip going through the Expert Business Travelers security line at DIA. I was afraid we were going to get kicked out and moved to the enormous family line but nope. We got through security without any issues and the Princesses both rocked getting in and out of the security lines (we’re training great little travelers!). The Husband managed the bags and liquids and I got some great exercise hiking through the airport with Princess Two in the backpack.

I’m not exactly sure why it was so successful, perhaps we’re just better at traveling with kids now but I have a few ideas I will test on our next trip to Texas in a few weeks.

  1. Princess Two was contained in the backpack so there was only one child who I had to be concerned about her whereabouts. (Princess One is the better listener and a bit fearful of being left so she stays close, making her the winner of the stroller toss.)
  2. Toys were limited so they didn’t get lost going through security lines. (We did lose Gerald the Giraffe in the hotel bed; he was buried in the mountain of covers and left behind. Princess One has yet to realize this. Shh!)
  3. Fully loaded iPads. We’re a Mac family and have a iPad for the kids (our old one) and an old iPhone dedicated for kids. Each Princess was equipped with games galore and Dora shows.
  4. Packing was much easier since it’s warmer weather and clothing is “smaller”.
  5. Both kids are out of diapers minus the nighttime pull-ups so there was much less bulk to deal with.
  6. No bottles or juices were needed.
  7. It was only a two hour flight so snack bags where limited to two per kid.

How to make traveling with kids easier – what do you do?  Would you say traveling with kids or business travel is easier?

Happy Travels!

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  • When I first read your post I was on your side. Then when I really started thinking about how many things I assume I need to take on a trip with my girls I laughed because in the end I always get upset with myself about the number of items I think I need. Less tends to be more in this situation and if you can be as organized as you are then it can work out well. I think the biggest difference between traveling for business or with kids is that you definitely end up with better sleep on a business trip. Other than that I think I’d rather travel with my kids since they are great company and you can eat wherever you want and you can set your own schedule.:)Kudos to making it out and exposing them to travel early. You are an awesome mom! The girls look so happy, and are obviously adorable! Malea

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