Staying connected to the kids while you’re on the road

By Elaine N. Schoch

Princess Belle before the trip

More than 60 percent of married couples with kids have two working parents, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In other words, a lot of kids have parents who travel for work.  My question is how do these families stay connected to kids while traveling for work? 

I posed this question to The Husband over breakfast as he was telling Princess One and Princess Two he would be gone for yet another business trip.  I started thinking about what he does to stay involved with them on a daily basis while traveling. Because he’s insanely busy when he’s on the road it’s pretty hard. Having been the “traveling for work mom” in my past life I do know how hard it can be. The Husband does step out of meetings for the before bedtime call and sometimes we’ll Skype or Facetime but with different time zones, meetings and a bedtime schedule that seems to be a bit more difficult to pull off.

Princess Belle ready for take off!

Since the girls are getting older and notice more that he’s gone I’ve asked him to try to start doing a few more things to “be present” when he’s not. And so the Princess Travel Photo Shoots begin!

In honor of the Princesses, The Husband will be taking the Princess Belle doll with him and photographing her in all of the locations he will be visiting on this trip – San Francisco, Phoenix and Vegas. He has already begun mapping out a few locations for the “photo shoots”. The key is that Princess Belle fits in his pocket, which should make for some fun, impromptu photo shoots.

What does your family do to stay connected when you or your spouse are traveling for work?

The first few photos have been added and I’ll continue to add them as they come in.

Princess Belle hanging with The Husband in the office
Princess Belle Makes it to Vegas
Belle made the breakfast meeting
Princess Belle eating pizza? Lulus in San Fran.

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