10 Life Lessons Learned in a Bounce House

I used to love bounce houses when I was a kid so it comes as no surprise to me that the Princesses are in heaven when they have the opportunity to enter one. As a parent, I’m a bit more cautious now with bounce houses. I mean really, The Princesses are less than 40 pounds so they can FLY in those things. It’s the worrier in me. The cautious, over-protective mom. The parent who would seriously leash her children to make sure they don’t run off at the airport if I wasn’t afraid of “the looks” from other parents. But as I watched my girls fly through the bounce house laughing, knocking each other down and getting plowed over by bigger kids I realized this bouncing paradise provides one of the greatest places to learn some of life’s key lessons.


10 Life Lessons Learned in a Bounce House

1. Choose your friends wisely. The good ones have your back, the others will knock you down to get where they want to go.

2. There are things even mom and dad can’t fix.

3. Those who push their way through do get ahead.

4. Throw caution to the wind. Have fun. Let go. JUMP IN!

5. Size doesn’t always matter. Quick, smart and nimble can be more effective than brute force.

6. Being in the right or wrong place at the right time really does matter.

7. You’re screwed if you try to sit one out in the corner and observe.

8. Take your opportunities.

9. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Especially if that someone is you.

10. Fall down. Get up. Dust yourself off. And start over.



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