By Elaine N. Schoch

When you make Saturday Night Live, you know you’ve made it. Go TSA!


With the busiest travel days of the year quickly approaching Americans will be subjected to the new screening procedures introduced last month (yes, last month) – full body scanners that as Stephen Colbert said, “x-ray your x-rated parts”. Or passengers can go through a very detailed, very personal, body search. 

While the news has created countless headlines, blog posts (mine included) and other online/offline discussions, it seems American’s are generally in support of the new full-body airport scanners. Which makes me wonder how many of you will be participating in National Op-Out Day on Nov. 24, the day before Thanksgiving and the busiest travel day of the year…

  • Last week CBS released a poll that found four in five people support full-body airport scanners. 
  • A USA Today/Gallup poll released last week said that 78 percent of air travelers approve of full-body scanners in airports and 84 percent believe the scanners would prevent explosives from being carried on a plane. 
  •  Some 98 percent of passengers say they would rather have a full-body scan than a pat-down search. 

What do you think? Should TSA use these types of scanners and/or “pat downs”? Are you planning to participate in the protest movement – National Op-Out Day? 

If you’re traveling this holiday, we’d love to hear your TSA experience.

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