Dear United, We Have a Problem…

Why is it that the United Airlines customer service representative on the phone from India was able to change my flight in a mere five minutes while two different customer service reps at the United desk couldn’t?It simply makes no sense to me that two American’s who both speak exceptional English couldn’t change the connecting flight I was without a doubt going to miss, yet a man thousands of miles away in India was able to do it on a time crunch while I sat on the runway waiting for my first flight of the day to leave.Here’s the context. For me to get back home to Denver from Charleston, SC, I had to connect through Chicago O’Hare. I know, first mistake (my bad). That plane was coming from Chicago. Due to rain and bad weather all flights arriving and leaving Chicago were delayed at least 30 minuets. Meaning my flight to Chicago was already going to be delayed. With a one-hour layover I knew I’d miss my connection to Denver. Thus, I went to the desk to ask for help. I was told TWICE, you may still be able to make the flight AND if you don’t there are more flights in Chicago so they’ll be able to help you better. WHAT? Aren’t you all tied into the same computer system? How does being in Chicago help me book a flight?

United, I simply come to you with a rant and no tangible solution other than to have your American employees go through the same training as the ones in India since they seem to be more customers friendly. I will still fly United but now I more readily appreciate the call center folks and will work to understand Indian accents more.

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