A little slice of Russia in Colorado…

Russian bakeries in Colorado Princess Two and I set out on a Russian adventure, right here in Colorado. A woman I met had recommended a few Russian bakeries in Colorado to me when I mentioned wanting to get Princess Two a traditional Russian birthday cake for her first birthday celebration (she’s actually turning three, it’s just her first “celebration”).  And so we set out to Kavkaz Bakery in Arvada.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I should mention Princess Two is Russian…and a new addition to our family. Greeted with huge smiles and big hello’s by the owner, Dina, the story of our travels and Princess Two’s first birthday celebration unfolded.Russian honey cake While the conversation was great, the honey cake was better. Yes, HONEY CAKE!!! The Husband and I discovered this heavenly desert in Chita, Siberia in the grocery store bakery during our first trip to Russia. It was heaven then and today it was heaven and then some. It’s actually called Medovyi pirog i.e. Russian Honey Cake. Some people also call it Honey Pie. Essentially it’s a four to 15 layer (thin layers) of sweet, sponge-like cake flavored with honey and layered in-between sweet cream. It’s truly amazing.

Russian bakerySince this cake was to be for Princess Two’s birthday, she had to approve though. Given a slice and a spoon she quickly approved with smiles and in between bites saying “nummy”. She’s in luck though, she’s getting two birthday cakes! One for the family on her actual birthday – the Honey Cake of course – and a special Russian doll cake Dina said she would make just for her.

(If you’d like to attempt making one here is a good Russian Honey Cake recipe. Me, I’ll stick with Kavkaz’s.)

Russian birthday cakeThe bakery itself is a modest one, clean and welcomes visitors in the parking lot with scents of sweetness. When we first entered I felt as if I had walked into a bakery back in Moscow. Not only were the smells the same but the display case was out of this world. Decant eclairs, honey cakes, and many other European-style cakes. The cases were also filled with kolaches – fruit and meat filled (not together). We ordered several meat filled for Princess Two’s birthday party. Delicious! The Husband and I ate these regularly in Russia as its one of the more traditional foods served. I don’t really care for ones filled with potatoes but to each their own.

Russian bakery in ColoradoI also want to mention that right next to Kavkaz’s is a great Russian Deli. I stepped in hoping to find Borsch, traditional Russian soup made with beets. Alas, I didn’t find anything other than a powder mix. I did, however, find pickled dill and pickled egg plant (yuck!) and many other traditional Russian foods. The meat counter was like stepping back into the grocery store in Chita. Seriously, amazing.  Every kind of pork and sausage you’d ever want or need was there. Oh, and the candy isle. Yes, I do have a sweet tooth and as I’ve said several times in past posts, the candies and sweets in Russia are like none other.

Princess Two and I will have many more little Russian adventures but this marks our first in Colorado. More to come. If you have any great Russian bakeries or restaurants to recommend please do. Especially if they’re in Colorado.

For now, Happy First Birthday Celebration to our Princess Two!

Russian birthday cake

Do you have any other Russian bakeries in Colorado you suggest we check out?


  • I’m so glad I found this post! I’m originally from Latvia but been living in US for a while. We just moved to Colorado and I’m so craving some Russian food which is very similar to food I used to eat in Latvia. Thank you!

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