5 travel destinations unaffected by tourism

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, many people choose to go for the same old. But consider the lesser-travelled places, the towns and cities that have yet to be spoiled by the effects of tourism. Here are 5 potential travel destinations to visit. 

Réunion Island

Located in the Indian Ocean, 175 kilometres southwest of Mauritius, Réunion Island is one of the best kept secrets. The natural beauty here is arguably unparalleled by any other location in the world, with sprawling craters and active volcanoes, to heavy rain storms and the highest peak in the Indian Ocean.

In fact, Réunion Island (a French department) is perhaps one of the most unique destinations to visit. Not only does it boast the aforementioned natural wonders, but it also has the largest French city outside of France—Saint-Denis is the island’s capital, with a population of over 150,000. Despite there being nearly a million people living here permanently, tourists visit rarely.

Nashville, Tennessee

Although Nashville does cater towards tourists, especially in the city centre’s downtown strip, the Tennessee city remains one of the world’s most important epicentres for music, honky-tonk bars and all things country. Some of the current reigning popstars found their feet here—Taylor Swift, Kesha and Kacey Musgraves to name a few—alongside legendary bands such as Kings of Leon.

But the charm of Nashville does lie in its small bars and music venues, where you can grab a whisky and enjoy entertainment from local up-and-coming talent. Despite a potential to feel inauthentic in catering to tourists from across the world, Nashville’s legendary establishments are thriving with locals and visitors alike.

Want some performances on a bigger scale? The Grand Ole Opry is the most iconic venue in the city, bringing locals together every week for a showcase of local country acts that are sure to make it big. See them before the world does. 

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE-FEBRUARY 4, 2015: The Grand Ole Opry is a landmark in Nashville, Tennessee that beckons country music fans from around the world.


Surrounded by more popular tourism destinations, such as Thailand, China and Vietnam, Laos is unfairly underrated by those exploring Southeast Asia. But there’s plenty to do here—sure, you won’t find a beach due to the country being landlocked, but what it lacks in sea it makes up for in timeless tradition.

The lack of tourism in Laos means it has retained much of its culture which surrounding countries have arguably been stripped of; nature reigns supreme, with lush greenery found upon mountains, throughout emerald rice fields and flourishing jungles.

In the capital of Vientiane, you’ll find a harmonious blend of French-colonial architecture and traditional Asian influence—Buddhist temples aren’t hard to come across, and you’ll quickly realize that here in Laos, spirituality still reigns supreme. Visiting here feels like going back in time.

Puglia, Italy

Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or your partner, Puglia is the ideal destination regardless of the circumstances. Located at the bottom of Italy—in the “heel”, some would say—it’s wildly popular with Italians but those coming from overseas are yet to discover its sun-drenched wonder.

The beaches here are arguably the main draw, with bright white sands giving way to glistening turquoise waters. The summer months will see these beaches populated with Italians, but use it to your advantage—immerse yourself in their culture and way of life.

Elsewhere, there’s everything from safaris to cliff-jumping to experience, as well as music festivals, gorgeous architecture and, of course, delectable Italian food—its orecchiette pasta is a Puglian tradition.

Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy: Sunset at Cala Paura gulf with Bastione di Santo Stefano and Lama Monachile beach in background, Apulia, Italy, province of Bari

Hvar, Croatia

Said to be the most famous island in Croatia, Hvar is lavish, loud and luxurious, drenched in sun year-round and one of the best destinations for a beach holiday. From huge yachts and debaucherous towns to ancient hamlets and lavender fields, there’s something in Hvar for everyone.

However, the island is arguably best suited to the party-going tourists—the beach bars are said to be legendary, so if dancing and drinking the night away upon sandy white shores is your kind of party, Hvar is where you need to be.


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