Travel Inspiration Series: The Importance of Journeying (Photo Essay by Warren Brown)

This weeks dose of travel inspiration comes from my friend and amazing photographer, Warren Brown at His travel site is aimed at sharing inspirational photos that represent the exploration of people and cultures in their locales. Make sure to check out his Journeying Photos of the Day. Amazing…


By Warren Brown

Every time I travel, I am determined to explore and document stories, and experiences not just for my own curiosity, but also because we can all benefit. That’s my joy of travel. It is not just about getting away, but growing. My world has opened up because of travel, whether it be a local or foreign destination. I have met incredible people, seen amazing places and learned so much about myself along the way. That is “Journeying” to me.

Here are some moments from my first trip to India where I took some time to explore, but also had the opportunity to do research around communication for development as part of a study program. The entire experience was legendary.


(India) – Travelling on an overnight train towards Varanasi. This was a scene at dawn as we rumbled closer to one of India’s oldest cities. We were glued to the window, trying to become familiar with what a was a new world to us, anxiously awaiting our arrival.



(Varanasi, India) – In addition to being one of India’s oldest cities, Varanasi is also one of its holiest cities. Many people travel to this city because they believe that dying there brings salvation. Much of this focus takes place on the banks of the Ganges river pictured here. Varanasi and the Ganges were places I couldn’t wait to visit based on stories and experiences I’d overheard. However, I was not prepared for the emotions that I experienced observing the rituals and ceremonies centered around death, faith and the celebration of life.



(Delhi, India) – Courage and joy is what I love the most about this moment at the start of the 2011 Delhi Queer Pride Parade. Despite advances in the legal system to better the human rights of members of India’s LGBT community, there is still a process in the cultural shift, but progress continues.



(Mumbai, India) – Travelling towards Churchgate station and experiencing the inhibition of hanging outside of the train as it trundles along.



(Mumbai, India) – Churchgate station in Mumbai. There was a learning curve for me in taking the train, from buying the tickets, learning where to find the tracks and even which car to be in. It seems so simple, but this entire experience pushed me outside of my comfort zone…no tour guide, no guide book, just following a process of trying to get somewhere like everyone else.


About the Blogger:

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Warren Brown now lives in Toronto, Canada with a focus on exploring the use of visual storytelling to enhance the experience of communities that are not as well represented in traditional media. His thesis, “Out of Many One People: Telling the Stories of West Indian Gay Men in Canada” utilizes video and audio clips in exploring and representing the experiences of the participants. This project is located at Warren also shares Journeying Photos of the Day on The inspirational photos represent the exploration of people and cultures in their locales.

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  • Yes it looks like an exciting adventure filled with the unknown including just spending time on the train station and deciphering the system. I felt the same in Japan where not too much English is spoken.

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