Aspiring to Inspire You to Make Your Travel Dreams Reality (and telling cancer to f-off)

This post has nothing to do with travel, yet it has everything to do with travel.

Mondays are usually the dreaded day of the week. The one we reluctantly start. The one where the emails in the morning require two aspirin and a second cup of coffee. That’s the way to describe Monday, May 13 for me. It started with what I thought was an innocent email from my friend. It went something like this.

“Sorry for the impersonal email but I just don’t have the energy or stomach to call you guys. Last week the doctor told me I have breast cancer…”

That one email put a dark cloud on the day and made my to do list look like the silly pink post it note that it was. I mean what do you say to that. We are still “young”. This isn’t something that’s supposed to happen to a mom with young kids. But as so many of us have learned, cancer doesn’t discriminate. (In case you didn’t know this, I hate cancer. He’s a jerk. A flat out bastard. And so I like to give him the bird whenever I can. It hasn’t been too often I can though. He’s good at his game. Not this time though. I can’t wait to tell him to f-off.)

travel inspiration

My friend and I spent a day last week sipping wine and wig shopping. Why not be armed with a stylish do just in case she needed one. And to be honest, it’s a really fun way to spend the day. Over our wine and wigs we got to talking about a big trip she should take when all the treatments were over. To celebrate the next chapter in her life. And give her something to look forward to; something to bring the light back in on those days that will be so dark. There were so many places she still wanted to go. So many places to see and drink in. Italy topped her list. But she had to be reminded and encouraged that she could make a trip like that happen. Maybe it was the cancer holding her back from thinking ahead or maybe she thought a trip like that was unattainable – with kids, money and life getting in the way.

Regardless of the reason it was a big, fat reminder to me that PEOPLE HAVE TO BE ENCOURAGED AND INSPIRED TO TRAVEL!!!

At Carpe Travel we’ve always aspired to inspire people to travel more through our stories, mishaps and tips. But today we’re going to take it a little further with a new series called, Your Weekly Dose of Travel Inspiration. Every week I’ll be posting photo essay’s to inspire you to travel or a guest post regarding someone’s travel inspiration. If you’d like to share your story or photos please contact me.

As for this week, life is short so live it. Oh, and I look damn good with pink hair (so does my friend, but she might kill me if I posted her photo).

Travel Inspiration

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  • Cancer is a bastard. So heartbreaking to hear in someone so young. I am currently living with a father that has been diagnosed with it and it is a living hell! I am so glad your friend has you to share the tough times with, and that you can laugh, drink wine and have fun with the wigs….that is so important. Once you lose that, it is hard to get it back! Good luck to you and your friend…may her road to remission be an easy one, may the laughter outweigh the tears, and may the trip to Italy be filled with pizza, photos and lots and lots of laughs!

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