To cruise or not to cruise?

If you like to cruise now is the time for deals! And for good reason… With two recent, high-profile cruise ships, both owned by Carnival, catching fire and stranding thousands of passengers, the industry is aggressively lowering rates to lure passengers back on-board.   
  • Jan. 13, cruise ship, Concordia capsized off the coast of Isola del Giglio killing 32 people.
  • Feb. 27, luxury-liner, Costa Cruises lost power after a fire broke out in the Indian Ocean more than 200 miles from the Seychelles island nation off mainland Africa, an area infested by pirates.
According to The New York Times, Carnival Corporation, ‘the parent of more than a half-dozen lines, including Princess and Costa Cruises, and Royal Caribbean — saw bookings drop by percentages in the midteens in the weeks after the Concordia ran aground off the coast of Isola del Giglio on Jan. 13.’      
Ouch. But what does this mean for cruisers? Deals, deals and more deals. 
As a fellow cruiser, I’m  adept to take advantage of these deals. Why? For one cruises rock and two, great vacations for families with kids. (Um, yes, that would be me.) For those of us who like the finer things in life but live on a budget, you can find some awesome deals right now on luxury liners and European cruisers.

Some of the best deals right now are being offered on short, last-minute sales bursts. A few good sites to book your cruise – and catch one of these deals – are:

Cayole Cruises: A website that offers future cruise price prediction i.e. people can learn
whether they should buy a cruise now or wait for a cheaper price in future

Now, the question in the back of my head that keeps popping up is, are cruises safe? Fellow blogger, Shell R. was on the
Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1994, which sank due to a fire (sound familiar). While I’ve cruised with her in the past, she was a bit more obsessive than most about knowing where the lifeboats and life jackets are kept. Again, for good reason. I’ve included a video below of what she saw on-board when the boat was “going down”. 
Are you concerned about taking a cruise with all the news right now? Or are you going to take full and utter advantage of these deals? Do tell. 


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