A Short Guide: Things to do in Prague

I’ve been doing a little Spring cleaning here at Carpe Travel, aka going through and revamping a few older posts. For the next few months these posts will be reappearing in conjunction with Throwback Thursday. To kick it off, here’s an oldie but a goodie on things to do in Prague. Enjoy!

things to do in Prague

By Bianca Gutierrez, guest blogger

Here is a short guide on things to see and do in Prague. Enjoy your trip and let us know your recommendations and tips in the comments.

Things to do in Prague

1. Charles Bridge: Take a walk along the Charles Bridge, which goes over the Vltava River. With 16 arches and 30 Baroque statues of religious figures that line the bridge, it’s quite stunning.

things to do in prauge

2. Prague Castle: You can’t really miss the Prague Castle, it is after all the largest ancient castle in the world.


3. Jewish Cemetery: Everywhere you turn in Prague, you run into one of their historical and famous sites, but make sure you check out the Jewish Cemetery, it’s amazing! There are gravestones on top of each other–literally. There are an estimated 20,000 people buried in this small graveyard and they only have about 12,000 headstones left as many have deteriorated over the years. Most of the gravestones are clustered which represents as many as 12 people buried on top of each other. It’s pretty cool, and I’m sure I became a little overzealous when taking photos.Things to do in Prague

4. Sex Machine Museum: There is a Sex Machine Museum (that’s really the name). We just HAD to check it out. Hilarious and kind of weird at the same time kinda sums it up. There were all sorts of crazy contraptions dating way back to the days where they used machines to treat women who they thought were crazy — found it a little interesting they treated them with sexual stuff. Anyway, there were also chastity belts for both men and women. There was one that had a ring to put on a boy, and if he became aroused, it would pull on an attached string that would trigger a bell signaling his parents in the next room. (Poor thing!)

Where to Stay in Prague

  1. Hotel Kocku: We stayed at Hotel Kocku the first night. The people who worked there were very friendly and helpful, and our accommodations were quite nice. It’s also in the middle of everything so you can walk just about everywhere…but be careful — the streets are so windy that it’s easy to get lost or turned around. There are many passages between streets through buildings that close after a certain hour, so make sure you are good with a map
  2. Hotel Rott: We felt Hotel Rott to be a step above Hotel Kocku although they are both considered four star. My roommate fell ill and upon seeing her the gentleman working the front desk immediately took out his First Aid Kit to see if he had anything that would make her feel better. Great service from all of the staff we encountered during our stay at Hotel Rott. The hotel is also very conveniently located. It’s less then 50 meters to the famous Old Town Square, about 15 minutes from the Castle and less than five minute walk to the Jewish Cemetery and Charles Bridge.
  1. If you plan on taking your own computer, just be advised that Internet access in Prague is expensive and unreliable. You may be better off just taking a bigger memory card for your camera and using the Internet cafes. Many hotels now offer a computer room for their guests’ use.
  2. If you’re visiting Prague, bring some good walking shoes. The city is very walker friendly and it’s a great way to see the sights.

Have you traveled to Prague? What did you think? Are there other things to do in Prague you recommend?


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  • The National Technical Museum is a place that is interesting to visit. It’s so unfortunate that the National Museum is closed for another couple of years.

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