Interview with a Winemaker: Theresa Heredia, Gary Farrell Winery

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Interview Winemaker Theresa Heredia Gary Farrell Winery

How does a chemistry teacher working on cancer-related peptide research at Cal Poly shift gears and become a winemaker? Just ask Theresa Heredia, the lead winemaker at Gary Farrell Winery in the Russian River Valley wine region. Theresa went from building the perfect peptide to making the perfect Pinot Noir. Her style is different from others [...]

20 Drinks From Around the World

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To know a country is to know its many of these drinks from around the world have you tried?

Have you ever had a Pimm's Cup or an ice cold Abita Amber in New Orleans? Perhaps a Pina Colada in Puerto Rico - where the drink originates - or Champagne in France? When I travel, I love to try the local wine, beers and drinks of the area. For those who love to explore [...]

Interview with a Winemaker: Renée Ary, Duckhorn Vineyards

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Interview with a Winemaker: Renee Ary, Duckhorn Vineyards

What do the intersection of science, art and winemaking have in common? In two words, Renée Ary, a chemistry and art graduate who became a winemaker. To be exact, the fourth winemaker in Duckhorn Vineyards long winemaking history. One of the first bottles of Merlot I ever had - and loved - was from Duckhorn Vineyards. It's also [...]

Putting Piedmont Wine in Perspective

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Exploring wines in the Piemonte wine region of Italy

I’ve been exploring the process of becoming a certified sommelier, not because I need it but because I LOVE learning about wine, the regions and different methods used to create such an important piece of so many cultures. Not to mention, I would REALLY enjoy my homework. But, you don’t have to take a “class” [...]

Cheers to the wide world of wine snacks

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wine snacks

The bright yellows and pinks that flooded the view had dulled and grown dark as the sun kissed the Mediterranean Sea goodnight. It was our first night in Menton, having had a late lunch we forced our jet-lagged bodies to hold out a few more hours before giving in to sleep. Making our way to [...]