Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

By guest blogger, Lauren Miceli

Is Playa del Carmen SafeYou don’t need a bodyguard or a black belt in martial arts to feel safe and secure when you take a Mexican vacation. Contrary to all the reports of drug wars and rampant gunfire in the streets, tourist areas in Mexico are quite safe. So is Playa del Carmen SafePlaya del Carmen safe? Yes, Playa del Cancun, Cozumel and all of the resort areas along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula are considered to be very safe travel destinations

Safety is a State of Mind

You can not avoid the fact that there is a major problem in Mexico with drug cartels, street crime, and violence in Mexico. The U.S. Department of State has issued warnings advising travelers of the dangers in certain parts of Mexico. Most of the violence is concentrated near the border between the United States and Mexico and along several well-known drug corridors.

Mexico is a big country and much of the country is not impacted by the crime that is associated with drug trafficking. According to a number of reliable sources, the three safest states in Mexico are Tiaxcala, Yucatan and Puebla. Tiaxcala is primarily an agricultural state. Puebla has thousands of historic buildings and archeological sites, and Yucatan is the most popular tourist destination.

Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

Beautiful beaches, clear blue-green waters, and desirable resort accommodations make Playa del Carmen one of the most visited spots along the eastern shore of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cruise ships arrive every day, pulling up to the Puerto Calica Pier. Passengers disembark and catch a taxi or a bus that takes them eight miles north to the downtown area of Playa del Carmen. From there they can spend the day shopping, eating authentic Mexican cuisine or relax on the playa (beach). While many people buy cruise insurance and book a cruise to the sunny vacation spot, others prefer to fly into the nearby Cancun International airport and then travel by car or bus an hour south to the hotels in Playa del Carmen. Taxi cab drivers are very friendly and quickly reassure visitors that they’re very safe in this part of Mexico.

Do You Need Travel Insurance

Traveling from the United States to Mexico is really no different than traveling to other international destinations. Anytime you are in an unfamiliar city, you should take a few extra precautions. Travel safety is an issue whether you’re going to Israel, Australia, or Mexico. Buying cruise insurance or flight insurance is really more about getting to your destination than spending time at your destination. Some people buy such insurance in case their trip is disrupted or they get sick and have to leave early. For the most part, buying cruise insurance or flight insurance is a personal choice.

Staying Safe in Playa del Carmen During your Vacation

Most people who travel regularly are already well aware of the things you should do to remain safe while away from home. Travel safety is pretty much just using common sense. When you retire to your room, lock the door. Do not carry large amounts of cash- use traveler’s checks or a credit/debit card. Don’t exchange currency for Mexican currency with a stranger who approaches you on streetsides. You may get a fair deal or you may get counterfeit money. When you’re at the beach, do not leave your wallet and room key in your shoe. You actually can drink the water, but just to be on the safe side, order bottled water when you get thirsty.

Have Fun!

There is no need to be overly concerned that you might be a victim of crime. The Yucatan Peninsula is a safe and relaxing place to unwind, enjoy the great beaches, and forget about all of your troubles. Crime is not a major issue in the tourist areas of Mexico

Guest Blogger: Lauren Miceli hopes to teach elementary school in Asia. Until then, she loves writing about travel while studying for her ESL license.

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