Playa Del Carmen

By Shell R.

During our stay in Cozumel we decided to take the 30 minute ferry over to Playa Del Carmen. We hopped in a cab and it was about $7 to the ferry dock. Always ask “how much to ____” before entering the cab because after you’re in, it’s too late and he can charge you whatever he wants.

There are two ferries running 1.5 hours apart. I recommend getting one-way tickets because if you are ready to come back you can purchase a ticket from the next available ferry instead of having to wait three hours for your ferry to arrive.

Playa seemed cleaner and more regulated than Cozumel. All of the prices were “fixed” and you couldn’t haggle on anything like in Cozumel. We walked to Big Al’s Bar and several other shops and bars along the beach and main road. The beaches in Playa are nice white sandy beaches, not rocky like Cozumel. It was a fun day trip.

One day we walked from our hotel the other direction (opposite of town) and about three blocks down is the Puerta Maya Cruise Ship Pier with a lot of nice shops and a few bars close to the water too. Be careful when taking a cab from here because they always overcharge the cruise ship passengers. We took a cab from here to Money Bar Beach Club down the street last year and it was $10 which should of been around $6 or $7. Some reviewers I have read were bothered that you could see the cruise ships to the left of our hotel. I thought it was kind of nice to see them come and go at sunset and they never bothered us.

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