Travel to Piedmont Italy: Champagne Sabering – with a wine glass!


On my travels in Piedmont travel my tour guides with Travel Langhe took us to lunch in the Barolo town of Serralunga d’Alba. We were greeted at Centro Storico by the restaurant’s lively proprietor, Alessio. Armed with nothing more than a bottle of champagne and a handful of wine glasses he set to work demonstrating to us the art of champagne sabering. That’s right, he didn’t use a sword to pop that top, but a wine glass! Enjoy the video (I don’t recommend trying this at home, kids)!

If you find yourself venturing through Barolo during a trip to Piedmont Italy make a stop in Serralunga for the fantastic food and splurge on a bottle of champagne (plan on at least 45 euros for your bubbles). It’s more than just a thirst quencher – it’s pure entertainment!

Piedmont Italy Travel Guide: 

Travel Langhe: Piedmont Travel Tour Guides (world’s best in my humble opinion!)

Piemonte Travel App: A must have Piedmont travel guide with Travel Langhe’s favorite wine bars (yes, please!), dining, lodging, wineries and more!

Barolo Wine Favorites:

  • Giovanni Rosso: I got to taste right from the barrel and am very much looking forward to the release of the 2010 Rionda Barolo! Traditional producer. Produces about 90,000 bottles annually.
  • Eraldo Verbetti: Modern producer. Produces about 26,000 bottles a year. Fantastic wines all around!
  • Conterno Fantino: They mix traditional and modern wine production techniques. I found one of my favorite chardonnays here – and it’s oaked! A rare find in Italy. Also, try their blend of nebbiolo, barbera, and cab, called Monpra!

Barbaresco Wine Favorites:

  • Pelissero Pasquale: Traditional producer. Produces about 15,000 bottles a year. I fell in love with their Barbaresco, bringing three bottles home. They also make a fab dessert wine, Stramej, made from botrytis grapes of moscato.
  • Cantina del Glicine: 17th Century traditional wine producer. Explore their 30 to 40 year old casks – and bring home some Barbaresco, like me!
  • Giuseppe Cortese: A mixture modern and traditional wine making. Don’t miss the Rabaja Barbaresco. Deelish!



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