How to pick the best family getaway destination

So, you’ve decided to go on a family holiday, but now you’ve got a dilemma. With so many fantastic destinations on offer, where are you going to go? Finding the perfect destination for the whole family is a little harder than picking somewhere to travel solo or as a couple. You have a lot more opinions and preferences to think about.

With this handy six step guide, you’ll be boarding that plane in no time.

1. Set a budget
For most people, budget is the number one decider when it comes to going to on holiday. Every destination rates differently, depending on things like time of year and currency. For a low cost option, look into places closer to home with regular flights. If you’ve saved up and you’re ready to splash out, take the opportunity to further afield. From Florida to Thailand, you’ll have no shortage of choice!


2. Figure out how long you can stay
You should definitely decide on the length of your trip before picking a destination. If you’re taking the family for a weekend jaunt abroad, you could choose a city that would be a bit too pricey for a longer stay. Planning a trip of two weeks or more? You’ll want to make sure you pick a place that has enough to do. The last thing you want is for the kids to get bored!

3. Decide what you want to do
Every family wants something different from a holiday. Talk to the rest of your family to decide what kinds of activities everyone is interested in, and look for somewhere that ticks the boxes. For watersports and outdoor adventure, you might pick the Canaries. If museums and culture are more up your family’s street, a city break in Malaga could be perfect.

4. Don’t forget the weather
Enjoying a few days of sunshine is the main goal of many holidays, so it’s worth looking at the forecast or climate in different destinations. Some places might not be as warm or dry as you think they’ll be at certain times of year. When you’re planning to try specific outdoor activities, like surfing or windsurfing, choose your destination wisely – the breezy Cape Verde islands will serve you better than somewhere sheltered with gentle waters.


5. Look for deals
Even if you are traveling on a budget, that doesn’t mean you should rule anything out completely. With a bit of savvy travel shopping, you might stumble across a bargain on a family flight and hotel package in your dream destination. Look out for sales on flights, plan well in advance, or book to travel in the off-season.

6. Do your research
Your favorite travel agent’s website can give a nice overview of what to expect in a certain destination, but if you’re seriously considering going somewhere, you should do a bit more digging. Check out resources like TripAdvisor for more detailed guides and traveler reviews. This is particularly important if you have young kids and you need to know if the location offers age-appropriate activities.


What are the most important things you look for in a family holiday destination? Let us know in the comments!

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