Your Guide for Things to do in Monterey CA

Looking for ideas on things to do in Monterey CA?  If so, we have you covered! Here is a short guide with things to do in Monterey as well as hotels and restaurants. We’d love to hear how where your travels took you in Monterey.

 Your guide for things to do in Monterey CA

Things to Know Before You Go to Monterey CA

15 Things to Know About Monterey, CA
There’s a lot of things to do in Monterey CA, but having a little background on the area brings more color and context to this little California beach town. Here are a few fun facts you can quiz your friends or kids on the next time you’re visiting.


Things to do in Monterey CA

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Things to know about visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a preview of both the Jellies exhibit and the new Tentacles exhibit.

The Steinbeck Center
John Steinbeck left his mark on Monterey Country, not to mention a number of famous literary works that have drawn people to the area for 75 years. The Steinbeck Center features his literary works and showcases additional artists throughout the museum.

Carmel Wine Walk
Twelve wineries within four blocks of each other? Yes, it’s true. It’s a wine lovers paradise. Actually, it’s The Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea, a must do if you’re in Monterey County, which has been rated one of the top five worldwide wine destinations by the Wine Enthusiast.


Where to Stay in Monterey

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Where to Eat in Monterey

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