My New Appreciation for Roped Lines

I admit, I’ve always taken roped lines for granted. You know the ones I’m talking about, the lines artificially formed with metal posts connected by thin cloth/rope that direct the masses into an orderly line to say go through airport customs or to check-in at the airport. Yeah, those annoying places where you have to be too close to everyone around you, and wait it out together. However, I have a new found appreciation for these “now beautiful” roped lines during our travels through Russia.

It began when we entered the country through the DME airport in Moscow and had to wait in our first line. Customs. I’m not sure I should even call it a line. Perhaps more appropriately, the crowd to get through customs. It was then I learned I loved these lines and truly appreciate the order they bring to people who are ALL in a rush to get to the next place.

Actually, the real lesson I learned as I waited and waited and got pushed and repeatedly stepped on is that Russians are THE most renowned experts at figuring out how to get through a line faster and more aggressively than anyone in the world.

On my last trip into Russia through DME they had added roped lines. Actually, they weren’t really roped line. The ropes were replaced with metal bars. Let the order begin.

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