The First Business Trip as a New Mom…

The life of a traveling parent is not easy, especially when it’s business travel. Ok, let’s put it another way, it’s not easy for mothers traveling for work. I know this because The Husband is racking up the miles and status on United yet when any business trip has ever presented itself to me it’s sheer panic – for The Husband. And for good reason, his first experience didn’t go too well. As the Princesses have gotten older, his panic is less or he seems to hide it better…

mothers traveling for workThe First Business Trip as a New Mom

My first business trip as a mom is one The Husband will never forget, nor will he let me. Princess One was five or six months old and I had to go to New York City to meet with a new client. Not only was I psyched about the client, but the idea of sleeping the entire night without having to get up two to three times to deal with a crying baby was more than I could ask for. Oh, how I was so excited to go to work!

I made it to the airport. Noticed I had spit-up on the shoulder, nothing a little water can’t handle. Got to the check-in line and realized I didn’t have my ID. Really?!? It was in the diaper bag, which I clearly didn’t need for this trip… Luckily, United took my Costco card as my photo ID. Yes, really. It did make me question the security, but hey I had a meeting to get to. I made it on the flight and even got bumped up to first-class, thanks to the boss and his status. I was in heaven, minus the Power Point Presentation I still had to finish. Still, it was quite. So quite.

After a great Italian meal, good wine and a bit of business I got to the hotel room and yes, I got to sleep the whole night! That is until 5:30 am. Yes, the wake-up call. It was from The Husband, mind you it was 3:30am in Denver. It went like this:

“She’s running a temperature and has been throwing up? What do I do?”
“What’s her temperature?”
“101 degrees.”
“Give her Tylenol and Pedi light.”
“I did”.
“I still don’t know what to do.”
“She’s sick.”
“I know. But what do I do?”

“There’s nothing you really can do. You just have to be with her, watch her temperature and get her to rest.”
“But I don’t know what to do?”
“Call the doctor if you’re so worried that the Tylenol isn’t enough and what I just said isn’t enough.”

And so this progresses. He calls the doctor (at 4am) who he then informs he’s overdosed our daughter on Tylenol. Not to worry, it wasn’t enough to harm her but he couldn’t give her more for several hours.

The calls continued throughout the morning, to me. The last call I got was on the way to the big meeting with the new client, The Husband still in a panic. He was going to have to miss a meeting (heaven forbid he would have to miss a meeting).
“I’m not sure how to do this? I have a sick kid and I have meetings all day?”
“Oh, sure, I’ll run right home and take over. Get it together man, you’re a parent and the one who is on call. Do your job and deal with it. I have to go into my meeting now. Good luck. I’ll call you later.”

I admit he handled it very well after the panic subsided. He just needed a kick in the pants to get up the courage to know he could do. He was a pro BUT  this story would be one of the many reasons I now consultant instead of work full-time…

Ladies, do tell. Has your husband or spouse ever lost it when you had to travel for work? What happened?


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