Mornings in New Orleans = Coffee in the French Quarter

french quarterAh, the sweet smells of the French Quarter in the morning…urine and vomit being washed off hot asphalt. We’re back in New Orleans for our annual pilgrimage and I’m in heaven…

Minus the “lovely smells”, the French Quarter is extremely peaceful in the mornings. It has an entirely different feel in the mornings than in the afternoon and evenings; one I have to admit I have always slept through.
Shop owners are beginning their day, the birds have come out to help clean the streets and sidewalks from the night before and you can finally see all the colorful balcony boxes still spilling out vines and flowers from the second and third floor apartments. If you’re lucky enough to have a breeze, you might be able to catch the sweet scent from one of these colorful displays.
The Husband had been roped into speaking to a class at his alma mater so our first morning in the Crescent City to myself. After a visit to the hotels workout room to rid myself of the food and alcohol from the previous night, I set out on my quest to find a latté. How hard could it be to find coffee in the French Quarter?
I learned a very important lesson while on my quest: There is a daiquiri shack on nearly every corner in the Quarter. Finding a coffee shop is like finding a needle in a haystack.
French QuarterNeeding my morning latté in a VERY BAD way I popped into one of the many art galleries that line Royal St. A nice woman, who I deemed a Saint, pointed me to a hidden gem a few doors up, The Royal Blend. Maybe it was the need for caffeine or the fact that I was finally back in New Orleans but I have never had a better latté in my life. The pastries weren’t too bad either – try the Morning Bun, Sticky Bun or the Almond Croissant. Heck, if you’re hungry get them all, they take credit cards so you can try everything.  (I did not try all of these in the same day. I ventured back each day of the trip with my husband in tow.)
The Royal Blend is a coffee and teahouse with free WiFi. There are several small rooms for you to plug into or just sit and relax. However, if you’re like me, you’ll find a table in the shaded atrium, sit back and slowly sip the morning away.
Next mission: Jewelry shopping on Royal St. and then off to brunch at Brennan’s.

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