Travel Product Review: The Space Bags (video)

The Original Space Bag, Travel Product Review
Hello space, oh how I love thee! Everything fits!!!

I’ve had to become a much more efficient packer since I’m always the one who seems to be sharing a suite case with BOTH Princesses. When packing for THREE people in ONE small, carry on bag for a four+ day trip, one must be as efficient as possible. The problem is, being efficient doesn’t always mean cute or stylish – for me. The Princesses are always cute and stylish. I’m usually the one left feeling old and frumpy. Not the look you want when you’re traveling, if ever. It’s a mom thing, pack for everyone else and just toss crap into a bag without thinking much for yourself. At least that’s typically been my case. So, the question is, how to save space when packing? Enter the The Space Bags, vacuum seal bags.

The Space Bags
All of the things I needed to fit into one carry-on bag.

I’ve seen the  The Space Bags, vacuum seal bags on commercials in the past but never called or ordered them online. When I came across them this summer at Target I snapped up a box. I must admit, they have thus far been one of the best traveling purchases I’ve made. One our last two trips with the Princesses, both about four days, I was able to pack all three of our clothes, shoes and toiletries in my carry-on bag. It was simply amazing! Oh, and the best part, I could pack a few extra outfits to make sure I had the cute and stylish things I needed for myself.

The Original Space Bag, Travel Product Review
Before using The Space Bag, the suite case wouldn’t close and no shoes or toiletries could fit.

How The Space Bags Work:

Pack your clothing, make sure not to pack past the line on the bag. Seal zipper with the Sure-Zip slider – the patented closure system is suppose to ensure an airtight seal for ultimate protection. Using the hose of a vacuum cleaner, vacuum out the air through the pop-top hole in the bag and close the top of the Space Bag. Done.

There are a few things to note about The Space Bag, you MUST have a vacuum with a hose for it to work, they are after all “vacuum seal bags”. I found when using the vacuum to remove the air for shrinking, if I pressed on the bag it shrank more. Just a little tip.

Space Bag, Travel Product Review
Hello space, oh how I love thee! I even have room for workout shoes and our toiletries. Everything fits!!!

Make sure the place you’re staying has a vacuum cleaner you can use to repack your things; you need one to suck the air out of the bag to shrink it. If you’re at a hotel that’s a given but if you’re hiking, camping or backpacking these bags may prove less useful.

I did a quick video to demonstrate just how much space The Space Bag can save you.

P.S. I love the idea of using these bags the next time we go to Napa or wine country as they’ll totally keep your belongings safe from moisture – aka a bottle (or six) of red wine I smuggle back.

P.P.S. Have you used The Space Bags in the past? What did you think?


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