Free Hotel WiFi Tops List of Favorite Hotel Amenities

hotel WiFi Free hotel WiFi is more important than free caffeine according to a recent survey conducted by GO Airport Express. The survey identified the top 10 favorite hotel  freebies people like, aside from breakfast. WiFi topped the list followed by free transportation between the hotel and the airports.

I must agree with the findings as I’d prefer free hotel WiFi any day over free coffee. (Heck, my Starbucks latte is usually cheaper than most hotel WiFi!)

Favorite Hotel Amenities That Are Free

  1. Free hotel WiFi (57%)
  2. Free transportation between the hotel and the airports (30%)
  3. In-room coffee and tea (25%)
  4. Health club and pool (17%)
  5. Complimentary newspaper (15%)
  6. Airport and baggage check in during check out (14%)
  7. Happy hour (13%)
  8. Free cookies and other snacks (10%)
  9. Ironing board (9%)
  10. Complimentary umbrella usage during rainy weather (6%)

What’s your favorite hotel amenity – that’s free?



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