Exchanging Gift Cards for Travel Award Miles

By Elaine N. Schoch

I found at least three unused gift cards in my desk last week as I began the spring cleaning of the office. Yes, a bit late since it’s June but better late than never… For me gift cards are an awesome gift. I adore Ann Taylor, Starbucks and REI but pretty much beyond that I’m at a loss. If there was a gift card to my favorite wine store I’d be in heaven! So, now the question is what becomes of these unused cards? Having worked in the mobile gift card and prepaid industry for several years I know all to well what happens to unused gift cards so I’ll spare the monologue. I wanted to know how could I use these cards for our next travel adventures. Could they be one of the ways to earn travel reward points? Turns our United Airlines has a program perfect for this just for this. You can exchange your gift cards for MilagePlus award miles.

  • You’ll receive the full value remaining on your gift card in award miles
  • Gift cards accepted must have a $25 minimum balance on the card and may have a maximum imposed.
  • You don’t need to mail in your gift card.  The exchange is done electronically.
  • There’s no limit to the number of gift cards you can exchange.
  • All gift card exchanges are final.

See the details and start cashing in those cards for your next adventure. Question for readers, where will your miles take you? Let us know.

Happy Travels!


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