Conan O’Brien Takes on Airline Fees

Do you overpack when you travel? Well it’s paying off, for the airlines. Earlier this week the U.S. Department of Transportation stated airlines in the U.S. collected nearly $5.7 billion in baggage fees and reservation change fees last year.  Essentially, U.S. airlines earned $958 million last year and it ALL came from baggage fees.The Wall Street Journal pointed out that the magnitude of baggage fees is staggering when tallied. It works out to more than $8 for each of the 416 million passengers who boarded an airplane last year. So the question is, would the industry, or its customers, be better off if everyone paid $8 more per flight in base fare?

Since the announcement was made on Monday Conan O’Brien has stepped in to take on the airlines and their excessive fees. This isn’t the first time Conan has taken on the friendly skies before, mocking TSA patdowns of a baby after a video went viral  and last fall a “TSA demonstration” got creepy real fast .
What do you think? Should we all pay an extra $8  or suck it up?


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