Cocoa Beach Invaded by Jellyfish

 cocoabeach_jellyfish1We arrived in Cocoa Beach after spending the day at Disney World. Princess One had a much needed nap in the car. The Husband was able to catch up on emails and a few conference calls. And as the driver, I got to checkout and just enjoy the scenery. Thanks to the Lady in the Box (aka the Garmin) we arrived at The Doubletree without any problems.Thirty minutes after checking in we walked down the short path to the beach and were greeted by hundreds of jellyfish. I’m not exaggerating. There were hundreds of jelly fish washed up onto the beach. It was like a mine field just little bumps along the shore, everywhere you looked.
Cocoa BeachWe tried walking up about half a mile to see if things were better but alas we had to retreat to the hotel pool. I later found out the jellyfish have been invading Cocoa Beach since Memorial Day weekend. The numbers we saw don’t compare the thousands that showed up for the holiday weekend. (Lifeguards treated 1,800 people for jellyfish stings over the Memorial Day weekend.) Apparently the recent tropical storms have pushed the jellyfish into the area and they simply can’t get out. Thus, when the tide comes in, they do to. 
The following morning we were able to enjoy the beach…for a while. Princes One and I went out early to collect sea shells and happily discovered the jellyfish washed out that evening with the tide. We were able to gather seashells and enjoy playing in the water. However, after seeing a few jellyfish swim past I lost my nerve and had to escape the waves. Princess One wasn’t afraid though, so we compromised by sitting on the shore and letting the waves wash over us. That was until a jellyfish washed up right next to me. Time to build sandcastles!  (I like to think it looks like Mordor from Lord of the Rings.)
Cocoa BeachMy beach bag is now equipped with Benadryl cream, which is used to neutralize the sting of a jellyfish. When we head back to the shore I’ll also be touting white vinegar as it is another remedy for jelly fish stings.  
If you’re heading to Cocoa Beach, check out the Brevard Times Jellyfish Updates. 
Have you been stung by a jelly fish? What remedies have you used?


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