My S’mores Adventure. AKA The Things We Do For Our Kids…

We’re saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall here in Colorado. But before the leaves began to turn and the pools were still filled we hit Beaver Creek for a late summer getaway with the Princesses and Sophi the dog. Truth be told, our weekend mountain getaways have been nil since Princess Two joined our family in January as she is not a fan of car rides. That’s an entirely different blog and blog post I’ll write about one day but put simply, a 15 minute car ride with her is enough to make to make anyone have road rage like none other. And so, we have opted for other means of traveling, until now.beaver creek kids

To Beaver Creek Kids

First and foremost, the car ride with Princess Two revolved around naptime. Meaning we left at 1pm and she was out within 10 minutes. Ah, peace. While Princess One watched Dora on the iPad (with headphones) The Husband wrapped up his business calls and I simply drove. In peace. We arrived at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, at Beaver Creek Mountain in less than three hours, hit the heated pool and then headed to Friday’s at the Park located outside of the Park Hyatt.Beaver Creek kids activities

As a marketing pro, this event is really one of the best promotions a hotel and restaurant can do. We weren’t staying there, clearly, but the free, family, dog-friendly event was a must for us. And well worth it. Free pony rides, jumping trampoline thing, gondola rides, a fire truck (with very cute firemen) for kids to explore, playground and live music AND a cash bar for adults who had to endure the line for the pony rides…oh, and the main draw, a campfire with s’mores. Ah, Princess One learned about s’mores somewhere along the way. I blame Dora and her camping adventures but who knows. Regardless, I had promised her we’d have s’mores for desert.  And a promise is a promise.

Beaver Creek kids

The evening started out with a bang. The girls were mesmerized by all the activity and filled with excitement. Especially when the campfire was lit and Princess One remembered the promise of s’mores. After exploring the grounds and playing a bit we settled in for dinner on the patio at 8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill, which faced all the activities so the girls were fully entertained. It’s like watching Caliou for them but not nearly as annoying and painful for us. That was until it started to rain. Luckily we had finished our meal – think bacon wrapped asparagus. Yes, deep south meets class. Delish! But we had yet to do the s’mores. (Just so you know, at the end of each day, guests at the Park Hyatt can enjoy complimentary s’mores happy hour held from 4- 5 p.m. at the fire pit.) As the rain began to pound harder every table outside grabbed their plates and made a run for it. The Husband on the other hand simply raised the umbrella at the table. It worked. I grabbed Princess One and we RAN to the fire.

Beaver Creek kids activities summer

With sticks in our hands I shoved three marshmallows on each and we stuck them in the heart of the fire. A wet Princess One who was terrified of the open fire kept looking at me with fearful but excited and hungry eyes. When the marshmallows were ready I turned to grab the chocolate and graham crackers to find nothing. The wait staff had taken them all inside. I get it, it’s raining. Hard. So we went inside, spoke with a manager who took our sticks and had told us he’d put the s’mores together. Ten minutes later, no s’mores. A crying Princess One and a very cold mom (me) were still waiting. Apparently the manger tossed the marshmallows and failed to tell us. REALLY??! I was calm. Really, I was.Beaver Creek kid activities

The manger brought me a new plate with EVERYTHING to make our s’mores AGAIN. This time the rain was coming down in sheets and just about everyone in the restaurant and hotel lobby were watching us through the wall of windows. We were the only idiots in the rain but the fire was still burning and damint we’re having our s’mores for desert! I’m sure there were several people saying, I can’t believe she’s dragging her child out there in this weather. Or perhaps, they were as nice as our waitress who commended me on being such a ‘good mom’. Yes, we tipped her well.  The Husband, Princess Two and Sophi the dog simply enjoyed the show as they were nice and warm and dry under the umbrella. Princess One and I joined them and enjoyed our well earned s’mores.


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